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InkSoft 2023 Updates: Resend Order Confirmation

Resend Order Confirmation

Previously, the “Resend Receipt” function in Orders was only sent to the current customer email on the order. But you’ve probably had plenty of instances where additional customers need to review a receipt once the order’s started, whether that’s the customer’s business partner, a school administrator, or other individuals. Or maybe it’s just a simple typo in the recipient’s email address.

InkSoft 2023 Updates: Customizable tax rates

Taxation Update

Tax rates can get tricky if you have customers spread out across North America, so we’re thrilled to share that we’ve made some updates to accommodate this need.

InkSoft 2023 Updates: Improved Text Search

Saved Search Product Update

We’re thrilled to share a fresh InkSoft update just in time to help you head into 2023 strong and give your customers the best possible experience with online stores and orders

InkSoft Proposals: Approval Interface Enhancement

To streamline the approval and payment process on invoices, quotes, and presentations, we’ve updated the approval user interface to make it easier for customers to agree to terms.  In this… read more →

New Functionality Alert: InkSoft Integrations

API Integrations

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, InkSoft Integrations, a free, simple, and secure solution for connecting your InkSoft account to third-party tools.

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