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Software for the modern print shop

InkSoft is a complete business solution custom built for the print industry. Increase sales, boost productivity and run a better business.

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Interactive Online Designer

InkSoft offers the industry’s leading online designer. An online designer allows your customers to design production ready graphics right from your website.

Create a design
Design Studio Demo
12,000+ designs and clip art

We are always adding more graphics at no extra cost to our users.

Integrated Shopping Cart

Allow your customers to get quotes and checkout right from the Design Studio.


InkSoft’s Design Studio is HTML5 based and can be embedded into any website.

Powerful image uploader

Simple interface allowing customers to remove white backgrounds, reduce colors and recolor uploaded graphics.

Names & numbers

Increase your order value by allowing customers to add player names and numbers to products.

Social sharing tool

Let your customers create and share their custom designs and promote your business, brand and services.

Now Available! InkSoft Signs & Banners

InkSoft has developed a solution to help sign businesses boost sales, efficiencies and compete online in a radically new way. With InkSoft Signs & Banners, your prospects and customers can design and buy custom signs online right from your website. Learn more or check out the demo site.


Professional Designs & Clip Art

InkSoft comes with over 12,000 keyword searchable vector designs and clip art in nearly every conceivable category.

Browse Art Catalog
Vector designs & clip art

Your customers can select a design and customize it in our Design Studio to create the perfect custom graphics.

Royalty free

All designs and clip art are royalty free and included with your InkSoft license. This means you will never have to pay anything for great art content!

New art added free

As we continue to grow our art catalog you will get all of the new art free.

Maximize selling opportunity

InkSoft has you covered with a huge range of categories, styles and themes to help you convert more sales.

Sell Online

Drive more sales by selling products online. InkSoft has the right features and function to allow you to sell decorated goods online.

View Demo Fundraiser
Integrated shopping cart

InkSoft has a powerful shopping cart solution built right in. No need to download, install or setup a third-party shopping cart.

Simple checkout process

Our simple checkout process allows your customers to purchase products online with ease.

Safe and Secure

InkSoft's multi-layered and cutting-edge security provides secure website hosting and allows you to sell online with confidence.

Integrated payment gateway

InkSoft is integrated with the leading payment processors including PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.Net and more. Start selling today.

Live shipping integration

At time of purchase we acquire the actual shipping prices of that day from shipping providers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS to give your customers the most accurate shipping costs possible.

Online Stores

From sports clubs to schools, to designers or charities - InkSoft’s web stores are a great way to increase your sales and grow your business.

View Demo Store
Online Stores Preview
Professional website themes

Create a positive impression with prospects and customers with an elegant, modern and professional website.

Quick and easy setup

It’s quick and easy to set up, launch and manage online stores for any selling opportunity.

Online fundraising stores

Drive more sales and new business opportunities through InkSoft’s modern fundraising platform.

Internet Marketing and SEO Tools

Manage email templates, advanced search engine optimization settings and social media sharing tools.

Online cart & checkout

Allow your customers to buy customized decorated products online right from your website.

Safe and secure

We use the latest technologies and methods to protect you and your customers.

New User Onboarding

We offer personalized setup, training and support to help you get you started and become successful.

Quotes & Invoices

Manage art approvals, quotes and invoices from one centralized system.

View Demo Invoice
Cloud based software

Allow your sales team to create quotes and invoices anytime, anywhere.

Built for the decoration industry

Get accurate product and print pricing quickly by leveraging our intelligent industry specific pricing tools.

Online approval and payments

Allow your customers to review and pay invoices online from any web browser.

Streamline communication

Increase accuracy and customer satisfaction using the integrated commenting system.

Order Manager

Streamline your production using InkSoft’s order manager. Manage orders and invoices from multiple InkSoft powered web stores in one central location.

InkSoft Order Manager
Large Volume Order Processing

InkSoft’s Order Manager was designed to process large volumes of orders and invoices from multiple InkSoft powered web stores.

Print-ready art files

Web-to-print. InkSoft's print-ready PDF files means graphics your customers create are perfectly sized and positioned ready to print.

Streamlined workflow

InkSoft provides all the features needed to run an efficient business making for increased accuracy and faster delivery times.

Job and task scheduling

Proper production management is the key to operating a profitable printing business. InkSoft helps you successfully manage jobs.

Work orders & packing slips

Say goodbye to those costly mistakes and misprints, upset customers and missed deadlines and delivery dates.

Shipping Labels

InkSoft automagically generates shipping labels for your online orders resulting in time saved.

InkSoft partners with industry leaders

  • Brother DTG
  • Alphabroder
  • Ryonet
  • GSG
  • Bullet
  • ClipArtBoom
  • Alphabroder
  • SanMar
  • S&S Activewear
  • Bodek-&-Rhodes
  • American-Apparel
  • Tonix
  • Pennant
  • Bullet
  • Stripe
  • UPS
  • Shopworks
  • QuickBooks
  • PayPal
  • MailChimp
  • FedEx
  • Constant-Contact

InkSoft Success Squad

We get what you do. We're passionate about helping you get the most out of InkSoft.

Success Squad
  • Free Technical Support

    We provide free technical support, training & marketing education to maximize success.

  • New User Onboarding

    Get free 1-on-1 training to get you up and running in no time.

  • Training & Education

    We provide short video tutorials and quick guides for all InkSoft features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a demo or trial version?

    While we don’t offer a trial version of InkSoft, we do offer prospective users a personalized tour of InkSoft with one of our Experts. This way, you can fully understand InkSoft capabilities, features and benefits. We invite you to call and speak with an InkSoft Expert today to learn how InkSoft can help your business. Call us at 800-410-3048.

  • Where is InkSoft located?

    InkSoft is proudly made, supported and hosted in the USA. Our offices are located in Tempe, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Does InkSoft charge transaction fees or have limits on order volume?

    Heck no! InkSoft charges a fixed monthly hosting fee. We think it is wrong, punitive and costly to charge transaction fees or impose order volume limits. With InkSoft, there are no surprises, hidden fees or penalties for being successful.

  • Does InkSoft have a contract?

    No way! InkSoft is a pay as you go, month-to-month service.

  • What printing processes does InkSoft support?

    InkSoft supports both screen printing and digital printing processes. Additionally, InkSoft has robust controls to manage both print and product pricing to allow you to charge based on the type of art and products your shoppers select.

  • What graphic file formats does InkSoft support?

    Vector formats:

    SVG (scalable vector format), EPS and Vector PDF.

    Digital formats:


    Optional formats:

    Brother direct-to-garment printer formats: AR3 format for the GT-341, GT-361 and GT-541

  • What products can I sell using InkSoft?

    InkSoft is a robust full featured ecommerce platform. You can sell both customizable and pre-decorated (non-customizable) products in any category. InkSoft is perfect for apparel, signage, promotional items and more. InkSoft allows for unlimited products, categories and subcategories.

    InkSoft is integrated with many of the apparel industry’s top suppliers. This integration makes it incredibly easy to add blank apparel products to your InkSoft account and web stores.

  • Do I have to have a website?

    No way! InkSoft is a complete solution which provides a professional customizable website. If you already have a website, and want to continue using it, you can ‘embed’ the InkSoft Design Studio.

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes, you can use your very own custom domain name, or subdomain for each of your InkSoft powered web stores.

  • Can I host InkSoft on my servers?

    No. InkSoft is not available for self-hosting. InkSoft requires very specialized technology and hardware along with a professional staff to administer it. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. InkSoft is a fully hosted solution which reduces complexity and pricing for our users.

  • I’m a developer...can I buy the code?

    InkSoft is a complete fully hosted solution and is made available as a service. We do not license or sell our source code; however, InkSoft has a very robust API which will allow developers to leverage InkSoft to create custom solutions. Have questions? Contact an InkSoft Expert at 800-410-3048.

  • What is the API and do I need it?

    InkSoft has a robust API which allows professional developers to create custom websites using InkSoft ‘behind the scenes’ to drive the function. An API allows two systems to communicate and work together. Generally, the InkSoft API is for those users who want to build something custom and unique.

  • What does InkSoft do?

    InkSoft is the print industry’s most advanced online designer and Ecommerce platform built exclusively for printers. InkSoft is 100% web-based software. This means no installations, downloads, backups, and upgrades. Web-based software is better because you are always in the latest and greatest version on InkSoft. All you need to use InkSoft is an Internet connection.

    InkSoft was invented to help today’s printing business succeed in the new economy. The bottomline is InkSoft helps drive revenue, time savings and allows our customers to compete in a better way.

  • What do I need in order to begin selling online?

    InkSoft is a full featured ecommerce platform designed for the unique needs of today’s decorators. InkSoft has all the right features needed to effectively sell decorated goods online. Our team is here to help you get setup quickly and easily.

    In order to begin selling online you will need:

    1. One or more active products
      Establish your print and product pricing
      One active payment processor
      One active shipping method
  • Which languages, countries and currencies are usable with InkSoft?

    Currently, InkSoft is available for use in the USA. We have plans to localize InkSoft for other languages, currencies, taxes, payment processors and shipping providers.

  • How much does InkSoft cost?

    We have options available for printing businesses of all sizes. The best way to find out what option is best for you is to speak with one of our Experts. Call us at 800-410-3048.

    Our prices and plans are public, published right on our site. Check them out here. No secret or surprise fees.

  • Do I pay the one-time activation and the monthly hosting fee?

    The short answer is yes. InkSoft has a one-time activation fee and a monthly hosting fee. Consider when you buy an iPhone. You buy the device itself and pay a monthly fee to receive broadband service. This is the case with InkSoft. The monthly hosting fee provides unlimited support, bandwidth, storage, backups, user accounts and order volume.

  • How can I pay?

    InkSoft accepts credit / debit cards and electronic check (ACH) payments for monthly hosting fees.

  • How do I get billed?

    InkSoft automatically bills for service on the first of each new month. InkSoft requires a valid payment method on file. You can manage payment methods at the billing and licensing area once you are logged in to the InkSoft admin area.

  • What methods of payment can my customers use?

    InkSoft is integrated with a wide range of third-party payment processors. This allows you to process payments online quickly and easily. You can accept payments from your InkSoft powered shopping carts via credit / debit cards and optionally purchase orders and arrange payment later.

  • What is a “third-party payment processor”?

    InkSoft has integrated with the leading third-party payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe. Third party-party processors allow you to accept online payments without a merchant account of your own. Instead, they let you use their merchant account. This method saves you time, expense and makes it incredibly easy and fast to start processing payments online.

  • Can I accept funds manually?

    Yes. InkSoft allows you to process payments manually using our invoicing function. Alternatively, customers can pay invoices online. InkSoft allows for optional acceptance of purchase orders, and the ability for your customers to checkout by selecting to arrange payment later.

  • What are my options for shipping?

    InkSoft is integrated with FedEx, UPS and to for USPS shipping integration. This allows you to fully integrate your shipping accounts with InkSoft to take advantage of your rates, real-time shipping fees and shipping label generation as part of the order processing workflow.

    Additionally, InkSoft allows you to create custom shipping rules and methods such as free or flat rate shipping.

  • How do I manage orders and invoices?

    InkSoft has robust order and production management features to help you process orders from inception to completion. Once an order is produced you can cancel, refund, escalate through production, and generate packing slips and work orders.

  • Is InkSoft safe and secure?

    Heck yeah! We only use the latest and most secure encryption, software, hardware and backup measures to protect your data. InkSoft owns and operates all of our hardware in top tier data centers. Rest assured that your data and customers are safe and secure by InkSoft.

  • Are SSL certificates available?

    Yes! SSL certificates encrypt websites and protect the transmission of sensitive data such as login, password and payment information. InkSoft makes available both free and custom paid SSL certificates.

  • InkSoft-Review

    “Wanted to let you know that we are beyond impressed with Inksoft. Kicking myself that we didn’t do this earlier.”

    Edwin Rivera | Pixabite Studios

  • Printboy-InkSoft-Review

    “We have since grown into a two automatic press shop…this wouldn’t have been possible without InkSoft! Making the move to InkSoft has made running Printboy an enjoyable experience. We now can focus more on our quality and service rather than the mundane tasks or running a business. And for that we say thanks InkSoft!”

    Adam Howard | Printboy, LLC

  • “…we have now given over $18,000 back to different organizations and people through Ink The Cause through the InkSoft fundraising platform.”

    Gabriel J. Peters, VP | Rector Communications

  • “I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and the development team. Inksoft may be one of the best if not the best subscription software I have ever used…”

    Tony Reiling | ARTFX Screenprinting and Embroidery

  • “We purchased InkSoft and started using it at the beginning of 2016. We absolutely love it! As a designer who is use to building artwork from scratch – I love that I can sit down with a client and knock out a design in 5-10 minutes rather than 30-40 minutes.”

    Josh Grahl | National Screen Printing

  • Timothy Smith logoboss

    “Above and beyond in the world of customer support.”

    Timothy Smith | Logoboss

  • InkSoft User

    “You rock!! Thank you so much! I am overwhelmed by the welcome I have received thus far and the plethora of resources at my disposal.”

    Mikey Fornicoia | Brown Box Tees

  • Jonathan Tynes

    “I felt it was time to say…InkSoft has been a GOD SEND to my business. I’m a customer for life…my business depends on it! Thanks Again!”

    Jonathan Tynes | Kick Print

  • InkSoft Review Testimonial

    “We have reduced 90% of our challenges by using InkSoft software…we have streamlined our sales and customers love our new website!”

    Geno Talkington | Wichita Screen Printing

  • Brand X Custom T-Shirts

    “Inksoft fixes the achilles heel that plagues most small business print shops: Technology. With Inksoft, us small guys can for once truly compete with the biggest guys in the retail printing industry.”

    Charles Goffnett | Brand X Custom T-Shirts

  • “…I am a very happy customer.”

    Adam Funderburg | Brainless Tees Inc.

  • Gilson Ribeiro

    “…thank you so much for the great product and support.”

    Gilson Ribeiro | T Shirts Authority

  • “InkSoft is the only solution I have worked with that actually CONSISTENTLY makes changes and improvements and doesn’t take forever and a day to get back to you. I love calling you my team!”

    Kyle Sexton | Print-A-Shirt

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