💥 Boost profits this busy season with Inktavo discounts too good to last!

💥 Boost profits this busy season with Inktavo discounts too good to last!

💥 Boost profits this busy season with Inktavo discounts too good to last!


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Help Center
  • New User Onboarding

    Get free 1-on-1 training to get you up and running in no time.

  • Free Technical Support

    We provide free technical support, training, and marketing education to maximize success.

  • Training & Education

    Short video tutorials and quick guides for all InkSoft features are at your fingertips.

  • Is there a demo or trial version?

    We don’t offer a trial version of InkSoft. Instead, we give a personalized, behind-the-scenes tour so you can understand exactly how InkSoft will impact your business. Reach out to an InkSoft Expert now to schedule your consultation.












  • Where is InkSoft located?

    InkSoft is proudly made, supported, and hosted in the USA. Our headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona. 












  • Does InkSoft charge transaction fees or have limits on order volume?

    Heck no! InkSoft charges a fair fixed monthly hosting fee so you know exactly what to expect every month.












  • Does InkSoft have a contract?

    Nah, we keep it flexible. InkSoft is a pay as you go, month-to-month service.












  • What printing and production processes does InkSoft support?

    InkSoft supports vector, digital, and embroidery pricing and product controls. We also give you in-depth control of both print and product pricing, so you can charge based on the type of art and products your shoppers select. With InkSoft, you are in control.












  • What graphic file formats does InkSoft support?

    Vector formats:
    SVG (scalable vector format), EPS and Vector PDF.

    Digital formats:
    PNG, TIFF, and PDF.

    Embroidery formats:












  • What products can I sell using InkSoft?

    InkSoft is built to work with virtually every customizable or pre-decorated (non-customizable) product in any category. It’s perfect not only for apparel but also for signage and promotional items. We’ve also partnered with some of the industry’s top wholesale suppliers to make it incredibly easy to add blank apparel products to your InkSoft account and web stores.












  • Do I have to have a website?

    Of course not! InkSoft Professional and above comes with a professional, customizable website. However, if you already have a website that you want to continue using, we provide options for integrating the online Designer, or even full functionality using the InkSoft API.












  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yep. You can use a domain name that you own, or a subdomain for each of your InkSoft powered web stores.












  • Can I host InkSoft on my servers?

    No, InkSoft is not available for self-hosting. The platform is a fully hosted solution to reduce both complexity and pricing.












  • I'm a developer. Can I buy the code?

    InkSoft is a fully hosted solution and is made available as a service. We do not license or sell our source code; however, InkSoft has a robust API that will allow you to create custom solutions. Want to learn more? Get in touch.












  • What is the API and do I need it?

    An API allows two systems to communicate and work together. The InkSoft API allows professional developers to create highly customized solutions built off of the InkSoft platform. Most of our customers do not need to interact with the InkSoft API.












  • What does InkSoft do?

    The All-in-One E-Commerce Platform for Print, Promo, and Decorated Apparel Businesses

    From order to delivery, InkSoft provides all the tools you need to sell and manage custom branded merchandise orders so you can grow faster. 

    InkSoft is 100% web-based software. That means no installations, downloads, or backups necessary. You always have the latest and greatest version of InkSoft. All you need is an internet connection.












  • What do I need in order to begin selling online?

    Once you’re on the InkSoft platform, there are a few key things you’ll need to set up before your begin selling:

    • One or more active products
    • Print and product pricing
    • One active payment processor 
    • One active shipping method

    Don’t worry. The InkSoft Success Squad will provide the training you need to get you up and running quickly.












  • Which languages, countries and currencies are usable with InkSoft?

    Currently, InkSoft is available for use in the USA and Canada. We have plans to localize InkSoft for other languages, currencies, taxes, payment processors, and shipping providers in the future.












  • How much does InkSoft cost?

    Learn more on our Pricing page, or give us a call at 800-410-3048.












  • Why is there both an activation fee and monthly hosting fee?

    Think of it like a new phone: You purchase the device itself, and you pay a monthly fee to receive broadband service. InkSoft works in the same way. You not only get access to the product; we also provide unlimited support, bandwidth, storage, backups, user accounts, and order volume every month for a flat fee. That means that no matter how much your business grows, you’ll never have any surprises, and you’ll always have the latest and greatest version of InkSoft.












  • How can I pay?

    InkSoft accepts credit/debit cards and electronic check (ACH) payments for monthly hosting fees.












  • How do I get billed?

    InkSoft automatically bills for service on the first of each new month. InkSoft requires a valid payment method on file. You can manage payment methods at the billing and licensing area once you’re logged in to the InkSoft Admin Portal.












  • What methods of payment can my customers use?

    Credit / Debit Card:

    Millions of businesses in over 120 countries use Stripe to start, run, and scale. We’ve partnered with Stripe to offer payments that are easy to set up and help you grow faster. Grow revenue and improve cash flow with the leading payments platform. Stripe takes a technology-first approach to the challenges of getting paid for every type and size of business. Learn more about Stripe here. If you have questions about Stripe or want to get custom payment processing pricing complete the form here.

    Arrange Payment Later

    Allow customers to opt to arrange payment later, which allows you to collect payment manually after the order has been submitted.

    Purchase Orders

    You can enable the ability for your customers to checkout with purchase orders.

    Manual Payment Entry

    You can enter and record offline payments such as cash and physical check using InkSoft.












  • What are my options for shipping?

    InkSoft is integrated with FedEx, UPS, and Stamps.com for USPS shipping integration. This makes it easy to generate real-time shipping fees and shipping labels to keep your orders moving. You can also create custom shipping rules and methods, such as free shipping or flat rate shipping.












  • How does the Order Manager work?

    InkSoft’s Order Management technology provides all the tools you need to manage, edit, and modify orders. Key order management features include:

    • Cancel, refund
    • Request payment
    • Enter and process payment
    • Edit order items to remove and edit products
    • Enter discount
    • Internal notes, and comments
    • Customer management
    • Shipping and delivery controls
    • Packing slip, work order and shipping label generation
    • And so much more.












  • Is InkSoft safe to use?

    Absolutely. Security has been a priority for us from day one, and we only use the latest and most secure encryption, software, hardware and backup measures to protect your data. InkSoft owns and operates all of our hardware in top tier data centers. We’ll keep your data and customers safe.












  • Are SSL certificates available?

    Yes! SSL certificates encrypt websites and protect the transmission of sensitive data such as login, password and payment information. We offer both free and custom paid SSL certificates.












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