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Amp your fundraising

Amp Up Your Fundraising with Custom Merch

Fundraising has been a central part of raising money for all types of organizations for a long time. School sports teams, charities, clubs, and foundations all need to raise funds to help pay for their supplies, operations, and sometimes travel costs.

Start Printing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Today

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you need to be offering customers your services today. Bottom Line Up Front: Breast Cancer Awareness Month runs from Oct. 1-Oct. 31, and… read more →

Is It Time For a Rebrand? Part 1

Branding is everything. We break down the basics of rebranding so you can ensure you’re positioning your business the right way — and accruing the results you deserve.

5 Questions to Ask With Every Custom Order

5 Questions to Ask With Every Custom Order

Stop focusing on your order form and ask your customer these questions! BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: When it comes to printing custom branded merchandise, it’s easy to ask the same… read more →

Why the Levi’s® “Buy Better, Wear Longer” Campaign Can Work for Your Shop

Levi's® Timeless Clothes That Are Built to Endure

Levi’s® is promoting experiences and ideas instead of selling products. Give it a try. When you have a customer stopping in for a job, what’s your tendency to recommend products?… read more →

Promofect’s Nonprofit Work Helps People and Grows Business

New York-based Promofect has grown its business with a rock-solid focus on the community and e-commerce. Bottom Line Up Front: By working with nonprofit organizations, Promofect has built up a… read more →

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