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What is InkSoft?

Way back when, in 2009, after a major global financial crisis and marketplace disruption by major online print e-tailers, InkSoft’s founders asked some big questions:

  • Why aren’t print, promotional products, and apparel decorators selling online?
  • What are the challenges that limit these businesses from scaling?
  • What’s it going to take to compete online in the digital economy?
  • How will new online competitors continue to impact the print industry?
  • Where are the biggest inefficiencies and bottlenecks facing decorators?

The answer to each question lead us to invent InkSoft, a cloud-based business software platform made for the unique needs of print shops and decorators. Today, InkSoft continues to grow by helping our customers sell online and run more efficient businesses.

Sometimes, all it takes to change things is to start asking questions.

We hope that no matter what brought you here, whether you’re a start-up decorator or an established print shop who wants to scale and run smoother, InkSoft can help.

We get the print industry and agree that it needs to change. And we’re working hard each day to change it for all of us.

InkSoft is the All-in-One E-Commerce Platform for Print, Promo, and Decorated Apparel Businesses

Start selling decorated products the better way.

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