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New InkSoft Feature: Create, Send, and Manage Quotes

InkSoft Quoting Tool for Screen Printing

InkSoft Proposals is the industry’s fastest and easiest way to create, send, and manage digital art approvals, invoices, sales presentations, and now quotes!

InkSoft’s Shopping Cart & Online Checkout Experience Gets New Features.

We’ve introduced new features and enhancements to make the InkSoft online checkout experience even better. The goal is to ensure customers have the fastest and easiest online shopping and checkout experience possible.

New Feature: Custom Line Item Weight

New InkSoft Feature

We’ve added the optional ability to enter and edit weight for custom line items created in any InkSoft quote, invoice, or sales presentation.

New InkSoft Feature: Payment Status in Production & Purchasing

New InkSoft Features

In our latest software release, we added payment status to InkSoft’s production and purchasing workspaces.

InkSoft Online Checkout Gets More Updates and Enhancements

InkSoft Shopping Cart and Checkout

We’ve been busy at InkSoft HQ working on significant improvements to the InkSoft shopping cart and checkout experience. Recently, we introduced a completely redesigned one-page checkout experience, and now we’re back in our latest software release to announce even more improvements.

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