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New Feature Announcement: Better Store Branding

New InkSoft Feature

Bottom Line Up Front: With this new cutting-edge addition to InkSoft’s Store Branding feature, your Online Stores are all set to get more traction. It’ll improve your marketing, generate more… read more →

New Feature Announcement: Custom Personalization

Bottom Line Up Front: With InkSoft’s newly enhanced Custom Personalization feature, your design process will run smoother than ever. But that’s not all: when you use this feature the right… read more →

New Feature Announcement: Saved Design Notification

Bottom Line Up Front: Today’s feature breakdown looks at the savvy sales tool you didn’t know you needed: the Saved Design Notification. Find out exactly when (and where) to contact… read more →

New Feature Announcement: Custom Pages

Bottom Line Up Front: In this new series, we walk you through how to use some of InkSoft’s most in-demand features like an expert. Today’s feature is Custom Pages —… read more →

New Feature: Proposals Shareable Link

Proposals Shareable Link

We’ve added a simple way to access shareable links directly to approvals or invoices created in InkSoft Proposals. This allows you to quickly copy a direct link so you can… read more →

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