We’re thrilled to share a fresh InkSoft update just in time to help you head into 2023 strong and give your customers the best possible experience with online stores and orders. The first in our set of four significant changes is improved text search.

Here’s how it works:

Improved text search

We’ve increased the speed and performance of text search so you can locate customer order information faster. That means:

  • Faster search results, especially when searching by email address
  • Expanded search results that include variations of a search term. For example, searching for “talking” yields results for “talk,” “talked,” and “talks.”
  • More searchable fields, including payment transaction ID and art/order/item notes

For a quick demonstration, check out this video:

In short, you’ll be able to find customer records faster and easier, so you can save more time. 

Keep an eye out for three other big updates coming soon!

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