Our latest update for 2023 gives you more flexibility in the order receipt field of InkSoft orders. Whether your customers accidentally added the wrong email address to an order or they need to add new recipients to an order, we’ve made it easier for you to resend a receipt.

Add new email addresses to receipts

Previously, the “Resend Receipt” function in Orders was only sent to the current customer email on the order. But you’ve probably had plenty of instances where additional customers need to review a receipt once the order’s started, whether that’s the customer’s business partner, a school administrator, or other individuals. Or maybe it’s just a simple typo in the recipient’s email address.

Here’s how to use the new update:

You can now add emails to a receipt after an order has been completed. No need to manually forward!

When you click on “Resend Order Confirmation” (previously labeled “Resend Receipt”), it will open a modal, allowing you to edit the existing email ‘To’ field and add additional customer email addresses. Another improvement that makes it easier for you and your team to change basic order details and keep all the necessary customers in the loop.

NOTE: Changing the ‘to’ email does NOT update the email address within the order info.

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