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Bottom Line Up Front: We just dropped our newest marketing kit for summer, filled with all the tools you need to tap into seasonal events like graduations, reunions, youth camps, and more with the power of InkSoft Online Stores. Download email and social media templates to make this the best summer sales season yet.

We’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and print more merch. Today, InkSoft is happy to share our latest marketing kit. Download your InkSoft Summertime Solutions Marketing Kit here and get a jumpstart on what’s likely to be one of the busiest summers in a while since COVID restrictions have lifted and customers are ready to get back to enjoying group events.

Master e-commerce with Online Stores for you and your customers

If your shop’s been searching for a comprehensive e-commerce solution, InkSoft Stores offer a quick and easy way for your business to start selling more merch online. Build a store for your shop without any major web design experience, add products, and customize the color and branding to match your business all with the power of InkSoft Stores. Best of all, these stores are mobile optimized and fast-loading, giving your customers a hassle-free experience.

InkSoft Stores also give your customers an excellent e-commerce tool

Making the most of seasonal events requires getting set up ahead of time and making access to customized merchandise as simple as possible. Through InkSoft Online Stores, you can quickly and easily give your customers a way to raise money for their events. They’ll have the perfect e-commerce solution for selling to their end customers. Plus, it’s a more straightforward way to process orders so your shop can focus on printing apparel and promo goods for those businesses.

“You won’t find an easier functionality, a more intuitive platform, or a quicker start-to-finish build-time anywhere else.”

Bob Ewald, of Fresh Horizons Group

With the InkSoft Summertime Solutions Marketing Kit, you’ll get a set of easy copy-and-paste templates for social media and email campaigns. Simply drop in your business’s name in the customizable fields to promote these stores to event organizers.

We’ve also crafted templates that target some of the most significant categories for summer events to save you extra time. Those categories include:

Cover all the bases 

  • Summer Graduation
  • Camps/Youth Groups
  • Family and Alumni Groups
  • Community Events (5Ks, Farmers’ Markets, Festivals, etc.)

“Everyone loves the convenience of ordering online, and the ordering process through InkSoft Stores makes it super easy.”

Brian Kelly, Production Manager at Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Since these kits have customizable fields, you can easily swap out wording to fit whatever type of summer event or organization your business wants to target. Each category also features a set of calls-to-action you can use to drive more attention to your services and the benefits of online stores.

Ready to heat things up for the summer and start selling more merch this season? Download the InkSoft Summertime Solutions Marketing Kit here today.

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Why marketing kits?

You may have heard the phrase, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” and that is the case for seeing success in your shop. With our Summertime Solutions Marketing Kit, you’ll have an easier way to market your products. You’ll be able to grow your business because you’ll know what’s working and excel at e-commerce.

Plus, it’s a guide that your whole team can get behind, helping bring your staff together and working on achieving the same goals when it comes to sales and growing your business.

Why InkSoft?

Check out some of our customer success stories. You’ll learn that we only work with folks like you. We know you are busy doing the tough work day in and day out. And, we can help you with sales, marketing, and fantastic technology that allows you to sell more.

We all succeed when we help out decorators in the industry by lending our knowledge and experience. The Summertime Solutions Marketing Kit is our way of giving back to the industry.

Download your Summertime Solutions Marketing Kit now!

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