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In today’s world, branded merchandise is everywhere.

Your bank’s branded USB key. The local lacrosse team’s branded helmet. A breast cancer nonprofit T-shirt, a 5K-branded water bottle, or a tote bag brandishing the logo of your favorite pet rescue.

From in-person conferences to viral content on TikTok, ‘free with purchase’ gifts to birthday perks for members, branded merch has all but taken over. The evidence tells us why: of 15,000 people surveyed, 92% said they hadn’t forgotten the advertiser or product advertised after receiving branded merch that year.

87% kept the merch item for longer than 12 months. 79% said they’d likely be a repeat customer. And 56% said their impression of the brand in question improved after receiving the product.

Forget just brand recognition — we’re talking brand affinity. We’re talking better ROIs, stickier marketing campaigns, and the most sacred thing of all: consumer loyalty. With strategically branded merch, that’s what’s possible.

This is precisely why brand building should be the cornerstone of every pitch you make.

Whether it’s a detailed presentation to an interested prospect or a quick Tweet outlining your latest seasonal campaign, the underlying differentiator is that you have the power to set their brand identity apart. You can increase their exposure and their consumer retention, and you have the ability to earn them more for less.

Brand building is the key to everything. It always has been. But today, that rings true even louder. We’re in the age of screens and virality, of experimental marketing and experiential value, and the brands that are quietly doing the same old thing on repeat will be the first to lose.

But not you. Not your customers. Because you have their key in your pocket, our Brand Building Marketing Kit will walk you through every high-value use case — so you can walk up to any door and leave an impact.

Put your walking shoes on. And let’s go.

Brand Building Marketing Kit: The What

First, let’s look at the basics.

We know that brand building refers to identifying, creating, and managing brand assets — in our case, branded merchandise — to differentiate a business, organization, or school from its competitors. But what types of branded merchandise achieve that?

Great question. Here’s where we tell you: all of them. When it’s done right — when it’s done strategically — every piece of merchandise a brand puts out into the world helps to build its legacy. And its returns. But in the interest of giving you a sturdier jumping-off point, let’s examine some of our favorites:

  • Employee Apparel: One of the easiest ways to boost staff morale (and get employees excited about their workplace) is to provide killer branded apparel. Whether it’s on-trend uniforms or unique and high-quality swag, employee apparel works to enhance brand identity and brand exposure — because in-store or out of it, employees will be more likely to don the walking billboard with pride.

    And if the employees are proud, their networks — and even, say, nearby strangers on a morning commute — will take notice.

    And guess what? People are always interested in what other people are excited about.
  • Tradeshow Giveaways: Conferences and trade shows are the places where your customers are fighting to have their brand voices heard in a space filled with other brand voices.

    How will they stand out? How will they be unique — and memorable? Branded merch, as a giveaway, is their best answer. When crafted well, trade show giveaways help establish their brand as a reputable, high-value business with a distinctive identity.

    When prepared really well, the merch serves as its very own self-contained marketing tactic — since recipients of the swag will actually want to wear it.

    And no, wearing it won’t only expose new faces to the brand — it’ll actually increase brand recognition, affinity, and loyalty for the person wearing it, too.
  • Customer Gifts: Converting prospects into customers is a big deal — but retaining customers well into the long-term is an even bigger one. Giving your customers a direct path to achieving that audience retention is a huge selling point, so you should be pitching customer gifts as frequently as possible.

    Branded merch in gift form looks like your customers giving their customers a physical show of gratitude, whether it’s a first-time or long-time customer. As long as the item given has been thoughtfully chosen to provide utility to the customer, it’ll be meaningful.

    That could look like a branded mug with high-quality coffee beans, a branded tote for every purchase over a certain threshold, or a branded USB key just in time for back-to-school. If it’s valuable to them, they’ll use it and remember that your customer brought that value into their lives.
  • Event Goodie Bags: Just as tradeshow giveaways help your customers’ audience keep them in mind after the end of the tradeshow, event goodie bags allow that audience to remember them long after the event.

    Whether it’s a nonprofit organization, a touring band, a neighborhood gallery, or an international corporation, giving event-goers something to take home conveys that your customer cares about them.

    But they won’t just leave with a favorable taste in their mouths — they’ll go with something that’s (hopefully) creative and valuable. They’ll use it, keeping your customers’ brand front of mind while serving as the brand ‘exposer’ to their networks. That’s a simultaneous boost to brand affinity and marketing power for the price of a mug.
  • Fan Contests: We can’t forget about your school, sports, or entertainment customers now, can we? For them, audience engagement is everything.

    Keeping their communities united, excited, and returning to their events, games, and concerts is the number one goal — because when they do that, they keep their people spending. So since increased engagement equals increased selling power, why not use branded merch as fuel for engagement?

    Whether it’s a fan contest that sends big-deal branded merch (like high-end speakers in team colors) to a winner, or it’s a community contest that sends more miniature branded goods to every person participating, the fun of the event will be memorable. And every time they see the merch after that, they’ll remember that fun, that experience, and your customer’s brand with delight.

Brand Building Marketing Kit: The How

Now, you have options — the offerings you can ground your brand-building strategy in as you mull over possible pitches. Depending on your customer base and your capabilities, the offerings we covered above may make perfect sense for your business or they might not align at all.

Your first step for strategy implementation will be determining what works best for your business.

If you primarily sell to schools, swag gifts for teachers and administrators (and PTOs and student leaders) could be a fantastic way to boost internal morale — and get them showing off their school pride outside of the hallways.

If you primarily work with a corporate audience, branded merch gifts for all employees at the company retreat weekend could offer the same dose of positivity to their morale.

These options are just that: options. They are starting points that require you to make them your own. Tweak based on needs and wants, based on audiences and behaviors, and your customers will go home with branded merch that matters.

And that means they’ll have a compelling, distinctive, and memorable brand.

Are you already starting to think about your offerings? Great.

Here are three considerations to help you nail your pitch:

  • Contextualize: In the same way that we’ve explained the power of brand building to you here, you have to explain the power of brand building to your customers. Emphasize that the right branded merchandise.

    When created strategically it isn’t just a throwaway product their audience will want to trash the second they get home. It’ll be useful and valuable. And it’ll singlehandedly help their brand strengthen the ties they have with their people.

    It would be best to give them the full context before you get to the order details. You must convey that the power of brand building fuels marketing, that it fuels community engagement, and that it fuels earnings. Convey all of that in earnest, and your customers will be chomping at the bit to get involved.
  • Specify Quality: In every moment of your pitch, you should underscore that quality is the most critical aspect of the strategy. The value that the branded merchandise is bringing to its recipients.

    You’re not just recommending that your customers send out generic T-shirts or lackluster water bottles. You’re suggesting they provide a burst of utility, want, and joy to their people without asking for anything in return.
  • Brand Intentionally: Before your pitches to interested prospects, set yourself up for success by doing your homework. Scour through their existing online collateral — their website, their social media channels, the press that’s been written about them and get to know who they are as a brand.

    What’s special about them? What’s unique about their audience? You’re not pitching your products; you’re pitching their solution. So research like it.

    Once you have a solid understanding of what their brand identity is trying to convey, connect it to what you can do. If they have a big industry conference coming up, have ideas for tradeshow giveaways ready to go. If it’s a summer camp looking to stand out at the springtime camp fair, recommend branded sunscreen bottles or sunglasses for the prospects who leave their contact info.

    You want to be detailed in your approach to connecting products to their brand identity and choosing the right products. Take the time to consider your options and then wow them.

The Wrap Up

If you take just one thing away with you, let it be this: brand building is not just creating a product or handing out a gift. It’s taking the time to identify, construct, and maintain a custom strategy for an individual brand so that they can connect with their unique audience in a meaningful way.

That audience could be customers. It could be employees and vendors, or it could be investors or students. It could be prospects. It could be every member of the regional community. Whatever it is, brand building done right has the power to move them.

It has the power to boost workplace productivity and morale. To engage those who don’t yet know the brand and to retain those who do. To propel marketing campaigns forward, enhance sales seen in the short-term, and strengthen brand loyalty that continues to build for years to come.

It really is that impactful a strategy. We’ve proven it to you here — and now it’s your turn to prove it to your customers. Create standout offers oriented around their needs. Pitch them clearly, with details that make absolute sense for their brand’s goals. Contextualize the power, ground all you can in brand-driven utility, and wait for the sales to pour in.

You’re perfectly positioned to make a difference in their brand’s future. You’ve got the capabilities, the online stores for seamless distribution and the Online Designer if they want to give designing a whirl themselves. But more than those tech tools is your insight. Your industry wisdom and your relentlessly creative mind.

You’re the perfect partner for brand-building success. We know it, you know it so now, make them realize it!

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