Bottom Line Up Front: Like it or not, e-commerce is growing at unprecedented rates — which means that if you’re not equipped with e-commerce capabilities, you’re putting your business at risk. We break down advice from the experts, and what good e-commerce tech looks like, here.

E-commerce has been growing steadily for years. But while the pandemic all but halted traditional buying and selling behaviors, it shot e-commerce growth through the roof. In a matter of months, the digital global marketplace — home to businesses ranging from groceries to salons to retail — took over.

It was no longer just a cool add-on. It was necessary for a business’s survival.

Instead of subjecting themselves to public health risks, consumers were shopping from their couch. Instead of driving to the store — only to find out the thing they needed, or the size they wore, was sold out — consumers were able to find what they needed fast. Instead of paying the price on the tag, consumers were able to scour competitor prices, finding the cheapest option for the product.

E-commerce showed consumers, on a mass level, ease like they’d never before seen. They had 24/7 access to online stores with secure check-outs, they had quick delivery options, and they had no need to put themselves or their families at risk by venturing out into crowds.

And for consumers in the decorated apparel industry, the perks were even greater.

E-Commerce and the Decorated Apparel Market

We know that those general e-commerce perks apply to our industry — we’ve seen end-consumers jump to action as soon as they see an online fundraising store, or an online store selling t-shirts with funny, COVID-19 related messaging.

End-consumers will always be attracted to that ease, and to that convenience, no matter what industry the products they’re buying are in.

But now let’s take a look at your customers. Whether they’re corporate entities or schools, sports teams, or organizations, they’re busy. They’re looking for ease and convenience just as much as their end-consumers are — especially if that ease and convenience leads to a higher-quality buying experience.

With the right e-commerce technology, that better buying experience is largely guaranteed.

Take InkSoft’s technology, for example: customers are able to view in-depth, visually clear proposals online, and they can even see what their proposed custom online store would look like, with all of the products already inside, through Online Pitch Stores.

Or maybe they want to be even more involved in the creation process — so you offer them access to the Online Designer feature, where they can design their own products in real-time. They can choose from the 13,500 vector designs and clipart already embedded in the feature, or they can upload their own artwork; they can add their messaging, and they can pick and choose color combinations.

And they can do it all from their office — or their couch.

Once they’re all set with the products they want to offer their end-consumers, they’re able to sell them in their own custom, easy-to-navigate online store (through InkSoft’s Stores feature). Not only will this increase their sales, but it’ll also increase their marketing potential, because these stores are easy to promote and share across digital platforms.

And that takes us back to ease and convenience. End-consumers will be more inclined to buy, customers will be happier with the sales they’re seeing — and the efficiency of the whole process — and they’ll turn into repeat customers.

Your e-commerce technology will differentiate you from your competitors (in what we all know to be an extremely crowded industry), and it’ll be a huge selling point as you pitch to new leads.

Oh — and it’ll streamline your own processes. It’ll offer you automation, organization, and efficiency like you’ve never seen, which will allow you to spend more time where it matters. With your customers, your products, and your team.

The Wrap Up: E-Commerce Is King

We’ll say that one more time: e-commerce is king.

If you ignore its power, if you refuse to get on board, then you won’t just be retaining the status quo. You’ll be sinking your own ship.

Andrew Lipsman, the principal analyst at eMarketer, said: “Everything we’re seeing with e-commerce is unprecedented, with growth rates expected to surpass anything we’ve seen since the Great Recession.”

And, in the article “How Brands Can Address the Hyperdrive Impact of COVID-19 on E-Commerce,” Sarah Hofstetter writes:

“The next few months will see many consumers trying online ordering for their first time. The opportunity to win lifelong loyalty is huge. The brands who act swiftly now to get their organizations e-commerce prepared and acting will emerge stronger from the crisis.”

Let both of those quotes sink in — because they’re the truth.

There’s no doubt that the impact of the pandemic will be seen on sales across industries for months to come. But adopting e-commerce — and the right e-commerce technology — will help your business navigate the stormy waters.

It’ll help your business survive.

InkSoft is the industry’s leading full-featured e-commerce platform, offering everything from tools for fast, easy, and comprehensive Proposals to custom-made Online Stores to everyone’s favorite Online Designer. We do everything we can to make sure your processes are more efficient, your operations are more effective, and the impact you have on your customers is more remarkable.

Now’s the time to act — because e-commerce isn’t just an option anymore. It’s the key.

InkSoft is the E-Commerce Sales Platform for the Decorated Apparel Industry

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