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Savvy decorators know they need to use e-commerce to give customers what they're looking for.

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Low Sales

Inconsistent participation and no diverse product offerings hamper sales.

Order Confusion

It's difficult to keep track of orders/sizes from multiple paper order forms.

Manual Payment Headaches

Chasing down physical payments takes a lot of time and effort.


Create a store for an event or cause that raises money by selling merch.

Spirit Store

Use an online store to sell merch for a school, team, or group.

Corporate Store

Businesses can use online stores as a portal for employees to order uniforms/gear.

Creating a Store

You can easily make individual stores for your clients (and potential clients), no developer needed. You'll stand apart from the competition who is still stuck with paper order forms and check collection.

Intuitive, Visual Builder

Build a store in just minutes with the easy drag-and-drop builder.

Customizable Modules

Customize the store using a variety of useful modules.

Choose Fonts and Colors

Since you can create multiple stores, each can be customized with your client's unique brand.

Stocking the Store

InkSoft allows you to offer a variety of product options for your clients and their end-customers.

Select Product Blanks

Find the blanks you'll be offering from your supplier catalog.

Upload Artwork

Choose what artwork you'd like to use, and easily modify colorways as needed.

Manage Pricing

Decide how much to charge for the products you'll offer in the store.

Running the Store

Now you can choose how long your store stays open, and clients can send their people to the custom website to easily select sizes and pay online. No paper order forms, no chasing down payments.

Managing Orders

All of the orders from stores come into InkSoft's Order Manager. Here you can manage the process from beginning to end, and nothing drops through the cracks.

Organize Order information

See all the pertinent information about an order in one place.

Mark as complete

Move orders through the system as they are completed.

Manage shipping/pickup options

Choose how to deliver your products.

Increased Sales

Your clients can offer more products and reach more people with an online presence.

Automated Order Entry

Since orders come from the online store, everything is tracked automatically.

Easy Online Payment Processing

Your clients won't have to hunt down payments, and you get paid before starting the printing.

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