Bottom Line Up Front: You need the right tools to start 2022 off strong and make this year your best one yet. Find out how InkSoft can set your shop up for success.

The new year is here, which means it’s time to start planning. While you’re getting your business ready for 2022, there are plenty of questions you’re probably asking yourself. Maybe you saw record business in 2021, and you’re hoping to capture that same momentum this year or even. Maybe 2021 wasn’t the best year because of all the challenges your shop faced, like supply and labor shortages, so you’re looking for ways to print more efficiently and turn better profits in 2022.

Regardless of your shop’s size, you’ve probably also noticed costs increase on everything from blank shirts to cardboard boxes, so you want a more practical solution for how your shop sells printed goods this year. Whether you’re looking to streamline your production workflow, improve your ordering process, or step up your e-commerce game, InkSoft has solutions for your shop to make this the best year yet. Let’s take a look at how InkSoft’s tools can help you turn things up a notch in 2022.

Master E-Commerce

Today’s customers want seamless, headache-free experiences when doing business online.

But not every shop has the expertise or budget to deal with complicated web design and website management. With InkSoft’s Online Stores, you’ll show customers that you’re a shop that’s on top of its e-commerce game and ready to meet their online shopping needs in 2022. If you don’t have the time or budget to design your website, no problem. InkSoft Online Stores eliminate this problem thanks to convenient, easy-to-use tools like a website style editor, SEO tools to help you appear higher in Google, and a massive website feature library.  You can also connect your InkSoft store to a custom URL, so it’s simpler for customers to find you on the web.

In addition to mastering your business’s e-commerce game, InkSoft’s Online Stores give you a whole other opportunity to strike a chord with your customers who want to sell their products online. Set up InkSoft Online Stores for your customers so they can sell products for fundraisers, school teams, and local businesses, and watch the orders for your shop roll right in.

Better Order Management

Every shop wants a complete list of work orders in its queue. But if your business has a whole stack of orders, it’s also essential to keep all your customers’ information organized, so you’re handling everything in a timely, efficient manner. Especially in the face of ongoing shipping delays and shrinking workforces, you might be dealing with an all-hands-on-deck situation. With InkSoft’s Order Manager, you can sort customer orders by categories like “ready to ship” and “ready to pick up,” so as soon as that order is completed, your team knows to notify the customer. Your team can also filter orders by tags like “Open”, “Completed,” and “canceled”, so in progress and finished orders are easy to track down.

InkSoft’s tools also make it easier to keep track of your customers so you can make more money with repeat orders. Users can sort customers by the company, custom tags, or imported lists to find them quickly and set up those orders. Best of all, the platform is mobile responsive, so your team can make changes and updates on the go.

Get Jobs Approved Faster

As an expert in custom-printed merch, you already know that getting artwork approved by the customer is the first big hurdle in moving ahead with print jobs. InkSoft’s Sales Presentations make it easier for you to get more jobs approved faster in 2022. Quickly generate mockups for your customers with the platform, and you’ll be able to secure more jobs since you can send those mockups via email for speedy approval. 

And, you can add your services to the invoice, cleaning up any billing confusion long before you get to the final process of collecting payments. Sales Presentations can also be filtered by categories like “new,” “sent,” and “approved,” so you can pull your art approvals faster and move the order to production quickly. 

New Year, New Production Techniques

Getting orders out the door might’ve gotten more complicated with a smaller team in 2021, but that doesn’t mean you need to struggle in 2022. InkSoft’s Production Manager lets your shop build-out production from the initial setup to the final product. The best part is that InkSoft’s platform features multiple fields explicitly made for custom branded merch, so your team will always be on the same page.

Inside the product manager, your team can view essential job details like:

  1. Colors
  2. Print location 
  3. Decoration method
  4. Product name (this is where you can enter a specific brand name shirt, cap, tote bag, or whatever other products you’re printing)
  5. Quantity
  6. Ship/Pickup Date

Each job also features a preview photo to ensure your team works on the right job.

If your shop offers multiple services, you can customize your workflow so that every order you’re printing is configured to your shop’s needs. So whether you’re tackling a heat transfer vinyl job or finishing services like packing orders, you can customize these workflows with whatever stages you want. That way, each workflow is separated, and you can keep track of how many jobs are in that workflow.

Diving into 2022 might be challenging and nerve-wracking, but running your print shop doesn’t have to be. Use InkSoft’s tools to master your workflow, order management, and e-commerce this year! Not an InkSoft customer yet? Contact an InkSoft client advisor today for a free, personalized tour where we’ll answer all your questions.

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