Bottom Line Up Front: A brand image is crucial for your business since it’s the way customers perceive you, even before they’ve spent any money. Find out how InkSoft’s online stores can shine up your brand image and help your customers improve their brand image too.

Have you stopped and thought about what customers think of your business? Not just the quality of your prints or the products you deliver them, but your business as a whole. We’re talking about your business’s brand image. A brand image is how customers perceive your business based on your interactions. And that perception goes way beyond just how a customer’s experience is doing business with you. Customers need to have a clear picture of your brand image before they even make a purchase with you. Especially in today’s e-commerce environment, where everyone shops online, having an attractive brand image is essential for growing business and bringing in new customers.

Thankfully, improving your brand image doesn’t involve expensive marketing or hiring consultants. You can enhance your image with straightforward changes to make your shop more attractive to customers. Enter InkSoft Online Stores. You can use InkSoft Online Stores to build a more attention-grabbing brand image that customers trust and ultimately spend more money with.

Essential parts of a brand image

The biggest thing to realize about a brand image is that it isn’t just about the products your business offers. It reflects what your business stands for and what your values are. And these qualities are important to consumers. In fact, one study found that 64% of shoppers said shared values were the main reason they had a relationship with a brand.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you start lighting up your social media channels with sociopolitical stances and filling up inboxes with emails on your views. That strategy can work against itself. But since you’re in the business of selling custom-printed merch, there are some common values you can demonstrate for customers. Values like a commitment to high-quality printing services, excellent customer service, and an exceptional online experience are all characteristics that help your brand image. 

That’s where InkSoft online stores come into play.

Better stores, better experiences

Today’s customers want accessible, seamless experiences when doing business online, so showing customers you’re a shop that’s on top of its e-commerce game does wonders for your brand image. And if you don’t have the time or budget to design your own website, no problem. InkSoft online stores eliminate this problem thanks to handy features like an easy website style editor, a jam-packed website feature library, and SEO tools to help you appear higher in Google search results. You can connect your InkSoft store to a custom URL too, so it’s easier for customers to find you.

When it comes to transactions, InkSoft stores also improve your brand image. Thanks to a simple, secure shopping cart and checkout process, customers can shop with you and trust in knowing they’re shopping with a trusted business.

Best of all, InkSoft stores are adaptable since business changes, and you might need to expand what your business looks like over time. InkSoft Stores allow you to add custom pages, so whether you need a landing page for a new service, a separate section for your shop’s retail goods, or anything else, you’ll have that option.

Improve your customers’ brand image

InkSoft online stores are a one-two punch when it comes to improving brand image since you can also use them as a tool to help your customers improve their image. Whether it’s a school, small business, or major enterprise, your customers can use InkSoft online storefronts just like your shop does. Thanks to the simple setup process, they’ll have a storefront in no time, and you’ll have the opportunity to print more goods for them since they’ll be able to sell faster and easier. Online stores also work great for customers who need a temporary storefront for time-sensitive campaigns like fundraisers.

A brand image is just one of many parts of keeping your shop top-of-mind with customers. If you want to learn more about branding, check out our two-part blog about rebranding.

Ready to maximize your brand image with InkSoft online stores and sell more in 2022? Contact an InkSoft Client Advisor for a personalized tour today and change your business this year!

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