Bottom Line Up Front: Decorators across the country have started putting their talents to work to raise money for humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. See how one business uses InkSoft Stores to sell shirts and raise money for people in need.

InkSoft Online Stores are the perfect way to raise money for fundraisers, whether in your local community or for more significant global causes. With a straightforward setup process, you can have an online store up and running in a short amount of time with several products on display. This provides a massive opportunity for any shop or end-customer that needs to bring attention to a fundraising campaign quickly and effectively. One of the biggest and timeliest causes shops have been launching fundraising campaigns for in recent weeks is the crisis in Ukraine.

And a perfect example of a shop putting its talents to work is DesignAShirt. This Arizona business put together an InkSoft Online Store specifically to raise funds for humanitarian causes in Ukraine.

DesignAShirt’s Stand With Ukraine shop features several designs that support the Ukrainian people and benefit multiple organizations. One big differentiator with this store is that the business is fundraising with a zero-profit model. DesignAShirt simply takes $6 from each shirt sale for production costs and donates the remaining $20.

The business is fundraising for two major organizations doing important work in Ukraine and surrounding countries; Red Cross Ukraine and World Central Kitchen. Red Cross has delivered tens of thousands of food packages and essential supplies across Ukraine,  provided critical first aid training, and aided in evacuations, to name a few efforts. World Central Kitchen began serving thousands of meals for refugees at Polish border crossings during the initial invasion and continues to provide meals in and around Ukraine.

Currently, DesignAShirt’s store has eight different shirts available for purchase to help raise donations.

This simple but effective way of fundraising is an excellent way for printers to help with a complex global problem. And the best part is that InkSoft Stores make the setup, order management, and fulfillment process simple so your shop can focus on printing shirts and helping raise money for noble causes.

Whether you decide to use an InkSoft Store for your Ukraine fundraiser or just need some practical tips, check out our Peace for Ukraine fundraising kit. Our kit features a few essential resources for running an effective fundraiser and helping out the people of Ukraine:

  • Premade templates for social media posts and email campaigns to save you time and spread the word.
  • Images optimized for social media and email to accompany your messages.
  • Production-ready, vector graphics focused specifically on messages of support for the Ukrainian people. When your design is finalized, these graphics are ready to print on any apparel or promotional goods your shop decides to sell for the fundraiser.

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