We’ve added a simple way to access shareable links directly to approvals or invoices created in InkSoft Proposals. This allows you to quickly copy a direct link so you can send manually using your email client.

The new shareable link feature allows quick access to direct links to approvals or invoices created in InkSoft Proposals.

Shareable links allow you to send approvals and invoices directly to your customers and prospects using your preferred email. Using Shareable links is an alternative to emailing approvals and invoices through InkSoft’s emailing system.

Why use Shareable links versus sending directly through InkSoft?

  • You might want to attach additional information.
  • You might want to paste the direct link in a third-party system.
  • You might want to add several versions of a proposal or invoice to provide options.

Pro tip: Use the ‘clone’ feature to duplicate and modify a Proposal. Cloning a Proposal allows you to quickly build multiple Proposals to provide a range of budget and product options for your prospective customers.

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