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Win More Business with Proposals

InkSoft Proposals is the revolutionary sales tool with all the features your team needs to create, collaborate, and close more business.

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No system for winning jobs

You leave money on the table by not having an easy way to proactively seek new (or repeat) business with confidence.

Old-school invoicing and approvals

Time consuming invoicing and chasing payments means efficiency goes out the window and cash flow goes down the drain.

No difference between you and the competition

If you don't set yourself apart from your competitors, your customers will likely go somewhere else at crunch time.

Sync Your Catalogs

Your product catalog and pricing are already in your system

Quickly Add Products

InkSoft's Rapid Product Creator makes it easy to add new, decorated products

Simple Dashboard View

Track the progress of each proposal with one dashboard

Unique for Each Client

Proposals include customized, visual products for each unique client

InkSoft Proposal Landing Page

Custom Branding

Include your client's brand and make them feel at home

Interactive Comments

Recipients can easily make comments on the proposal

Quick Approvals

Use proposals to quickly request art approval

Collect Payment

Allow clients to pay online before you start the job

Do It Your Way

Set your payment plan to match your cash flow goals

Managing Orders

All of the orders from Proposals come into InkSoft's Order Manager. Here you can manage the process from beginning to end, and nothing drops through the cracks.

Organize Order Information

See all the pertinent information about an order in one place.

Mark as Complete

Move orders through the system as they are completed.

Manage Shipping/Pickup Options

Choose how to deliver your products.

Predictable, Effective Outbound Sales

Make your sales efforts pay off with a systemized way to win new business.

Modern, Online Experience

Your customers get spoiled with accurate mock-ups and an easy online approval and payment process.

Clear Competitive Advantage

You stand apart from the crowd and reap the rewards of being at the head of the class for your market.

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