We’ve been busy at InkSoft HQ working on significant improvements to the InkSoft Shopping Cart and online Checkout experience. Recently, we introduced a completely redesigned one-page checkout experience, and now we’re back in our latest software release to announce even more improvements. Our goal is straightforward: To ensure InkSoft customers have the best e-commerce tools available in the print, screenprint, and promotional products industry.

Latest InkSoft Checkout Updates and Enhancements

Our team will continue to focus on introducing incremental enhancements to provide the very best end-customer shopper experience. While some of these enhancements are subtle, they are essential and help drive shopping cart conversion and customer satisfaction. The InkSoft Product Design Team uses InkSoft customer feedback, research, data insights, and e-commerce best practices to deliver these improvements.

Stay tuned for even more InkSoft Checkout updates and enhancements!

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