Introducing InkSoft’s totally redesigned and all-new One-Page Checkout experience. You might be asking what’s a one-page checkout and why does it matter? We’re here to answer those questions.

As the name might imply, a one-page checkout (also called single page checkout) means there is only one dedicated checkout web page in the entire checkout process. This means fewer steps and clicks throughout checkout to save customers time and simplify the process.

Video Overview: One-Page Checkout

Learn More About InkSoft’s All-new One-Page Checkout

This major new feature’s goal was to simplify the checkout experience to reduce shopping cart abandonment and boost shopping cart conversion.

Inksoft’s new One-page Checkout Feature Highlights:

  • 100% mobile-friendly.
  • Simple user experience and user interface for clear navigation and ease of use.
  • Better customer shopping experience with fewer clicks and steps.
  • Faster checkout page load time means faster checkout.
  • Full support for InkSoft’s custom checkout fields, options, and settings.
  • Under the hood security, speed, and performance updates.

Whether your customers are shopping from an Inksoft powered online Store, or they are creating one of a kind custom branded merchandise in InkSoft’s online Designer, InkSoft’s One-Page Check will ensure they have the best possible checkout experience.

Bottom line: A better checkout is a total win-win. Your customers get the modern online shopping experience they want, and your e-commerce orders and sales results grow.

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InkSoft One-page Checkout Experience