In today’s world, finding — and keeping — the best employees is tough.

There’s so much workplace competition that employers need to be on the offensive.

By investing in branded apparel and promotional products, your customers are investing in a workplace their employees — and future recruits — will want to work in. Here’s why.

It all comes down to employer branding.

Employer brands are, simply put, the reputation of a workplace to its staff (and future hires). It asks questions like: How’s the pay? The benefits? Are there training opportunities?

What is the company culture? 

A company’s culture is represented through its environment — when you walk into its workplace, you’re immediately hit with physical markers.

Do the employees look aligned or disconnected? Are there clear indicators of the company’s identity?

Things like branded apparel and promo products go a far way in creating unity. T-shirts that recite mission statements and hats with individualized names are more than just pieces of clothing.

They’re markers of an identity that every employee belongs to. And when they feel like they belong, like they matter to the workplace, the employer brand is positive.

Effortless recruitment

But it’s not just about increasing employee satisfaction inside the workplace. When your customers invest in branded apparel and promo products, they’re investing in walking advertisements for their company culture.

If an employee wears a branded hoodie, that’s a good indicator to everyone who sees them — including future recruits — that they’re proud of their workplace. And when an employee vouches for their company, recruits really listen.

Spirit wear and brand impression

Make sure your customers know that building a culture their employees want to be a part of also serves a greater purpose. It enhances recruitment, but it also aids in increasing brand awareness.

Why? Because when their employee’s don branded spirit wear — whether in the office, at trade shows, or out in the world — they’re giving the brand visibility.

But more than brand visibility, it’s brand impression.

To a client, walking into an office space and seeing everyone in the same branded polo showcases unity.

To the public, seeing employees in the same mission-statement-bearing t-shirts at an event showcases enthusiasm.

Complete curated package

The opportunities for your customers to increase their employer brand through branded apparel and promo products are endless.

Sweatpants for new hires and on-campus brand ambassadors. Notebooks for trade shows and company retreats.

Pens that read “Future CEO” for every attendee at a Girls-in-STEM event. Water bottles with the company logo for every member of staff.

It’s never been easier for you to offer your customers the full package. Now you can pitch promo products alongside branded apparel right in your InkSoft Proposal — we’ve partnered with Polyconcept, a leading promotional product supplier, to make sure you have everything your customer needs at your fingertips.

Positive employer brand, increased productivity

The better your customers’ employer branding is, the better the employees they can attract.

50% of job seekers say, when it comes to choosing a company, they won’t work for one with a negative employer brand — even if it pays more. 

So tell your customers how important branded apparel and promo products really are. Not just for enhancing their employer brand, but for enhancing their recruitment viability, brand impression, and workplace productivity too.

We bet they’ll thank you.

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