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InkSoft Customer Success: Stoked On Printing

One of the biggest tools Shane and Kevin use at their shop is InkSoft’s Online Designer, which has helped propel their business. Check out the video below, where they talk about how it’s helped them save time and money by not having to create their own designer and spending more time focusing on printing and creating awesome designs. 

Promofect’s Nonprofit Work Helps People and Grows Business

New York-based Promofect has grown its business with a rock-solid focus on the community and e-commerce. Bottom Line Up Front: By working with nonprofit organizations, Promofect has built up a… read more →

Customer Spotlight: Underground Printing

Where does 20 years of constant learning, tech advancement, & unrivaled customer service take you? To impeccable growth. Today, we track one decorator’s journey from college dorm rooms to national success “” to see just how they did it.

InkSoft Customer Spotlight: Print Machine


In one of the most successful Here For Good campaigns we’ve seen, this Canadian print shop took their passion for community & commitment to innovation and drove RESULTS. Here’s how.

InkSoft Customer Spotlight: WearTheFund

Today’s feature looks at one entrepreneur’s determination to defy odds, bypass the status quo, & leave a tremendous impact. From the birth of the pipedream to its full-fledged success, this is a story you don’t want to miss.

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