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Start Printing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Today

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you need to be offering customers your services today. Bottom Line Up Front: Breast Cancer Awareness Month runs from Oct. 1-Oct. 31, and… read more →

Is It Time For a Rebrand? Part 1

Branding is everything. We break down the basics of rebranding so you can ensure you’re positioning your business the right way — and accruing the results you deserve.

5 Questions to Ask With Every Custom Order

5 Questions to Ask With Every Custom Order

Stop focusing on your order form and ask your customer these questions! BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: When it comes to printing custom branded merchandise, it’s easy to ask the same… read more →

Why the Levi’s® “Buy Better, Wear Longer” Campaign Can Work for Your Shop

Levi's® Timeless Clothes That Are Built to Endure

Levi’s® is promoting experiences and ideas instead of selling products. Give it a try. When you have a customer stopping in for a job, what’s your tendency to recommend products?… read more →

Promofect’s Nonprofit Work Helps People and Grows Business

New York-based Promofect has grown its business with a rock-solid focus on the community and e-commerce. Bottom Line Up Front: By working with nonprofit organizations, Promofect has built up a… read more →

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