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Doing Business in a New World Economy by Scott Fresener

Thought we’d share some wisdom from screen printing legend Scott Fresener. He makes a strong case about the need to innovate, diversify and concentrate on sales & marketing.

I vividly remember back in late September and early October of 2008 when the economy started to crumble and the stock market crashed. What I remember most is thinking “this will pass and life in business will go on.” Over the years we have all seen crisis around the world and we have become jaded to the effect it will have on us. “In a few months no one will remember.”

InkSoft Feature & Enhancement update 2

You may have noticed some sweet new enhancements to the InkSoft back-end. Additionally, InkSoft gets a massive search engine optimization boost. It is now possible to page page titles, descriptions… read more →

InkSoft Feature & Enhancement update

We’ve been asked by clients to provide a video update of new features, enhancements and announcements. You can expect a weekly debriefing video from us if there is something important… read more →

New Feature: ‘Row’ Product View

InkSoft now enables products to be displayed in a ‘row view’. This is similar to how displays products. This new display means easier navigation and reduces the number of… read more →

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