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FREE Ultimate Sales and Marketing Guide

FREE Ultimate Sales and Marketing Guide


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InkSoft ‘Simple & Clean’ Theme Released!

We are very excited to release the first of many InkSoft customer store themes. The focus for this theme was to provide a clean, modern and sophisticated look. What do… read more →

New InkSoft Feature: Embed InkSoft Design Studio

You can now easily embed the InkSoft Design Studio into an existing web site. Moreover, this new feature allows you to embed ANY InkSoft powered customer store into a web site. We’ve talked to a number of users who want to add the Design Studio function into their web site and we are pleased to announce this is possible.

E-commerce: 3rd Top Performing Industries for 2011 |

Need an extra reason to invest in InkSoft? reports that e-commerce /e-tailing is the 3rd fastest growing industry for 2011. If record sales during the holidays are any indication,… read more →

5 Tips to Consider Before Giving Out Discounts

A discount is a reduction to the standard price of a particular product or service. Discounts have an old and quite strategic place in market history, and as with every… read more →

Coming Soon: New InkSoft Theme

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