FREE Ultimate Sales and Marketing Guide for Branded Merchandise

FREE Ultimate Sales and Marketing Guide

FREE Ultimate Sales and Marketing Guide


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InkSoft eCommerce: Fundamentals of eCommerce Site Design

eCommerce Site Design Within the first few seconds, visitors need to understand where to find things on your site. The least bit confusion of where to find certain information on… read more →

Color Scheme Designer 3: Free web color tool

This has to be one of my favorite color design resources. As my wife often reminds me: I am horrible when it comes to matching colors; which is apparently reflected… read more →

Icon Generator Pro: Free widget for Creating Custom Icons for InkSoft

The ability to create custom icons for display as an ad, in any InkSoft web store ,or store front has obvious marketing benefits. Lets take a look: -Discounts- Create on-demand… read more →

colorPicker: Free web color tool

ColorPicker is a free widget-like AIR application that lets you either choose a “web-safe” color from a color grid or design a color using sliders to adjust the red, green,… read more →

Free Social Media Icons

Anytime we find freebies for our user you can be sure that we will share. Download these free social media icons to use in InkSoft web store ad buttons or… read more →

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