Monty Mims

Monty Mims is one of our favorite decorated apparel industry experts. Monty is Strategic Account Manager on SanMar’s Decorator & Digital Solutions team. Monty has a strong industry pedigree as he grew up in the business. Literally. Monty and his peers on the SanMar Decorator & Digital Solutions team are some of the most respected and well-connected industry professionals.

In this episode of the #SellMoreMerch Podcast, Monty shares his contract decoration insights and expertise including:

  • A breakdown and explanation of contract decoration
  • The business benefits of contract decoration
  • Best practices to leverage profitability in contract decoration
  • What shops, apparel decorators, and contract decorators are doing in the face of Coronavirus
  • Trends and changes to be expected in the post Coronavirus print economy
  • SanMar’s contract decoration tools and resources to support both shops and decorators

Listen to the conversation

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SanMar Decorator & Digital Solutions Team

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