Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the “Top Episodes of 2017 Countdown.” Now that we’ve turned the calendar to 2018, it’s time to hit the ground running with some great guests.

First up, Monty Mims of SanMar.

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Back to what is in store for this week…

Apparel Distributor Alliance

You all know SanMar, whether you’ve used them as a supplier yourself, explored them as an option, or seen them at a trade show. In this episode, you get to hear from prior territory manager, Monty Mims, who now works in Decorator Relations.

Monty, a second-generation child of the decorated apparel industry, was raised in his father’s embroidery business, where he worked for seven years, before joining SanMar in 2007.

A self-proclaimed “apparel geek,” Monty earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications from the University of Central Florida and is a great guest to kick off the new year.

Take a listen to learn:

  • The secret sauce that nearly every shop, who is “killing it,” has in common
  • How to choose the correct garment for each distinct customer or program
  • What sells better ““  blank shirts or shirts with a model?
  • The exciting things SanMar is doing to make the buying experience better for their customers
  • What to expect from SanMar throughout the 2018 trade show season

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