InkSoft is a company driven by the creativity, and the dedication, of its employees. We’re so excited that Karlee Erwin is the newest addition to our team.

First and foremost, Karlee is a people person. Whether it’s coaching gymnastics, advising students, or keeping offices organized, she’s enthusiastic about helping out any way she can.

That’s why she’s a perfect fit for our Success Squad.

Passionate about customer service, Karlee has a proven record of helping those around her — both in her career and out of it. She got her first taste of helping out professionally when she interned for a local record company in high school. After that, she went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from ASU — which led to a series of administrative positions.

Those positions — including one in the office of a private children’s school — allowed her to further her infectious good attitude, her knack for keeping things organized, and her commitment to lending a helping hand.

Most recently, Karlee served as an academic advisor to college students. While there, she was able to use her own experience to better the lives of the students she worked with.

When she’s not working, Karlee’s usually surrounded by her family and friends — and her dog, Bentley. She loves socializing, gymnastics, and showing off how quickly she can solve a Rubik’s cube. (25 seconds, if you were wondering.)

The most exciting part of getting to be on InkSoft’s Success Squad, to Karlee, is getting to learn more about great customer service — all while making an impact on the people she connects with.

She believes what InkSoft offers its customers is not just valuable, but vital, and she’s so proud to be a part of the team.