Success Story: How to Grow Sales with InkSoft

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Sterling from T-Shirt Elephant. T-Shirt Elephant is a custom apparel decorator in Ontario, Canada, and one of our favorite InkSoft customers.

Jason and his team are killing it in every way imaginable. With over $6.5 million in sales volume and over 300,000 e-commerce transactions through InkSoft, T-Shirt Elephant is a great success story on how to grow sales in the new modern economy. They are poised to continue to take leaps ahead, too.

In the chat with Jason, we look at ways he’s been able to grow sales and we talk a little about how he and his team are preparing for big things in the future. We talk about some of the challenges facing a print business, as well as some tools the help solve those challenges. And true to “Thought Starter” form, we’ll give you plenty to think about…

If you’re new to the decoration business, or even if you’re an industry veteran, you’ll probably learn a few things! Jason’s easy-going nature and keen insights give us a fresh perspective.

Check it out!

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