This week we are thrilled to introduce renowned speaker and author Mike Michalowicz to the decorated apparel industry. Mike is the author of best-selling books like Profit First and Clockwork, among others. He has a passion for helping small businesses, and has shared his formulas in the Wall Street Journal, on MSNBC, and through multiple speaking opportunities.

Profit First author Mike Michalowicz

In this episode, Mike talks about how his principles apply to screen printers and decorators. He is dedicated to helping small businesses grow into healthy, strong companies.

Topics from the podcast include:

  • Why what “comes first” always gets done
  • How to apply the “pay yourself first” principles to your business
  • How you figure out how to make it work when you set parameters
  • The pitfalls of “bank balance accounting” and how to set up a different system
  • How to incrementally introduce profit into your business plan
  • Why it’s important to gain confidence with small steps
  • How to re-design your business to operate by itself
  • Getting outside your business to allow for growth
  • Much more!

Here’s the new episode:

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