Bottom Line Up Front: We would like to welcome our newest addition to the Client Advisor team, Ryan Schultz! From owning a Screen print shop to following his father’s footsteps as a sales professional, Ryan brings passion, screen printing experience, and maybe a few chicken pot pies to our InkSoft team! We are ecstatic to have someone like Ryan join our team. To learn more about his story, keep reading!

Here at InkSoft, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are treated like family by our InkSoft family. During our search for a new Client Advisor, we looked at many qualities a new hire should have for this role. Compassion, honesty, and problem-solving skills are a few to name. Finding the right person to join our team isn’t easy, but it’s something we make certain gets done the proper way because when we expand our team, we strengthen our relationship with you, the customer! An addition like this can lead to more one-on-one time, improving our software, and allows us to recognize what you, the customer, need to succeed. As a company, instead of meeting our customer’s expectations, we strive to exceed them. Who best to help us accomplish these goals than our newest hire!

Our new team player comes to us with a Graphic Design background, whole-heartedly believes in InkSoft’s products, services, and mission, and as a previous print shop owner, wants to empower print shops, decorators, and businesses to become more successful.

He’s eager and ready to help our customers get excited about what they’re implementing when they use InkSoft. He is the perfect addition to our team, and we’re happy to have his wealth of knowledge and experience in helping others. We guess you could say; he’s helping us, help you! Without further delay, the InkSoft community would like to introduce our newest Client Advisor, Ryan Schultz!

Client Advisor: Ryan Schultz

Ryan’s story begins with his love for Graphic Design. In high school, Ryan decided he wanted to push himself and learn something new, which resulted in him signing up for the graphics program as his elective class. At first, he was nervous about trying something different, but he quickly fell in love with Graphic Design. Shortly after enrolling in this class, he and some of his friends started a graphics club where they designed t-shirts and posters for other clubs and organizations on campus. Having the opportunity to use an off-set printer to create these products, Ryan knew he wanted to continue his journey as a graphic designer in college. Ryan gained a lot of hands-on experience with creating graphic designs for printing purposes while pursuing his degree in Graphic Communications at Waukesha County Technical College.

Early on in his college experience, a friend of his approached Ryan asking if he was interested in taking on a business enterprise. What was this venture, you may ask? You guessed it; the two college students would start their own Screen Printing business called Pewaukee Screen Print! Having minimal funds and little experience, this was quite the adventure for the two. Pewaukee Screen Print was a small rental office space with a used two-station press; Ryan surely had his work cut out for him. Trying to run a business without having the ability to promote on social media was tough, but this did not stop Ryan from succeeding. The young co-founders would instead advertise their print shop by going business to business, asking if these local shops could use Pewaukee’s services. As a determined entrepreneur, Ryan started working a sales position with Office Max to help fund the costs that came with his business. This extra income allowed him to purchase blank products, inks, and chemicals for their print machine. For 5 years, Ryan had many nights where he stayed up until 2 a.m. fulfilling orders while balancing school and his two jobs, and during his free time, he attempted to keep up with the current trends!

As a former print shop owner, Ryan understands how important software like InkSoft is to a printing business. Ryan says, “When I was running my own business, everything that InkSoft and GraphicsFlow offer now, I looked for at some point. I remember spending 20+ hours trying to build my website to find out that there was no artwork in my t-shirt designer, and the website overall wasn’t user-friendly. Seeing what InkSoft has to offer today, if I had this software 10 years ago, I would probably still have my business up and running.”

Although his print shop endeavor came to an end, this did not hold Ryan back. After choosing to cease their business, Ryan decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and begin his sales career. He quickly realized that he had a knack for this role and wanted to be a part of building a customer-centric culture everywhere he went. For 10 years, Ryan worked in Telecommunications, eventually making his way to a Business-to-Business role he believes prepared him for his current role with InkSoft.

We’re excited for our customers to meet Ryan, he’s approachable, perceptive, and keen on bettering InkSoft for you all! As one of our customers, we hope you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Ryan and see everything he has to offer.

Hey Ryan, it’s time to put those golf clubs away, we have some work to do! Oh and welcome to the team!