Welcome John to the Team!

Our newest Web Developer John Dorry has eight years of problem-solving and project development experience. Learn about his journey to InkSoft and his passion for tech.

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of an application or cloud-based software you use in your day-to-day life? The inner workings of back-end web development are many, and the intricacies abound, meaning web developers need expertise and creative problem-solving skills.

A genuine passion for learning and knowing the product at hand is also a must, plus a general love for putting the pieces of a puzzle together and doing it in the most streamlined way for the end-user.

At InkSoft, every team member makes a difference. They bring dedication to their work and to InkSoft customers.

John Dorry, our newest Web Developer, doesn’t fall short on any of these qualities.

As someone who helps ensure the InkSoft platform runs smoothly, it only feels right to give him a proper introduction and put a face to the work happening behind the scenes.

John Dorry: Web Developer

John has actively been in the web development game since 2013 when he began interning for a small consulting company during college.

He graduated from Arizona State University in 2015, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After interning for two and a half years, he went on full time with the company, serving as a .NET developer for another two and a half years, after which he was promoted to senior developer. Another two years passed, and he found himself in a lead developer role, a position he held for a year and a half before joining InkSoft.

In this position, he led the development of a web-based application entirely from scratch. Talk about a big project! As the lead, John chose the technology that went into the application down to the product’s architecture.

Now, eight years into his career path, he finds himself still immersed in all things web development. When he’s not coding for work, he spends his free time digging into new technologies to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

A quick learner, John not only has a passion for coding, but it comes naturally for him. With those two things combined, he looks forward to learning the InkSoft product and providing information and collaboration with his teammates to ultimately push the platform to new heights.

As for goals, he hopes to become a leader within the company and spearhead new developments and features. Once he gets a handle on the .NET side of things and the platform’s needs, he also wants to explore some front-end development work, to help build new user interfaces and make InkSoft an even more pleasant experience for users.

With his experience leading and building web-based applications, tech expertise, and self-starter attitude, John exemplifies the three Ds of success: drive, determination, and dedication.

And web development isn’t the only thing he knows front to back. He’s big into hiking, specifically mountaineering. You can catch him climbing mountains decked out in full gear — snow boots, crampons, and an ice ax. He also puts time into his 1972 Dodge D100, a truck he’s completely rebuilt several times over. And one last bit we think is worth mentioning — he’s a dog dad to a Bernese mountain dog, a Maltipoo, and a Dachshund mix.

We’re excited to have a dynamic developer and adventurous spirit like John on the InkSoft team. We look forward to seeing how his skill set helps us solve problems and brings the best eCommerce platform to you and your customers.

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