Bottom Line Up Front: Meet Aly Barnette, our newest Customer Support team member! When Aly isn’t running her side hustle and passion crafting business or collecting specialty Funkos, she ensures our InkSoft users have the best experience when using our technology. She is excited to help business owners understand the fundamentals of how InkSoft can help them with their growing business! Keep reading to learn more about Aly’s unique experience!

The primary goal of the InkSoft support team is simple: To ensure you are getting the best and quickest service possible. Whether it’s learning about a new feature we’ve released to finding a solution for an issue you’re having, our team is here to support YOU! We enjoy investing in our customers, and the first step to investing in you is to invest in our employees! When we add a member to our Success Squad, we’re adding someone who connects with others, seeks solutions, and handles every situation with grace. We do not doubt that this new hire will exceed these expectations and make certain that our customers are happy.

Our latest addition hopes to utilize her knowledge of running her own e-commerce business when assisting our users, help others feel supported, and apply her skills towards improving InkSoft for the better! She started as a video game designer, and now she’s here, ready to take on the responsibilities of working as a support specialist!

She is versatile and loves to teach those around her, and she is excited to help our customers become more successful through their use of InkSoft! Without further ado, please welcome, Support Specialist Aly Barnette!

Customer Support: Aly Barnette

Alyscia graduated from Full Sail University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art and Interactive Media. While in college, she became proficient in illustration and design and 3D modeling, and 3D sculpting. These skills have become essential to Aly and have become a part of her everyday lifestyle. After graduation, Aly began working in video game design and production, where she launched a few flagship games! Later in her career, she decided to join the freelance world and assist others with their graphic design needs while working in higher education as an Academic Advisor. While balancing her freelance work with her advising duties, Aly started a side business called MagicAly Crafts. This versatile and determined entrepreneur continues to do freelance graphic design work while running her crafting business and is ready to bring her skills to the InkSoft Success Squad!

As a support specialist, Aly understands how important it is for a platform like InkSoft to be streamlined for your customers! On the other hand, as a small business owner and consumer herself, she knows how pivotal customer service is to a business’s success. Coming into this role, Aly believes creating an enjoyable and timely experience for InkSoft users is essential to encourage the customer to want to come back and ask for our help in the future. Aly promises to always take care of our customers to the best of her ability regardless of how sticky the situation might be.

Ensuring our customers are pleased with our services is Aly’s number one priority. In her eyes, this means creating an outstanding shopping experience for you and your customers. She always says, “A happy customer is a happy business.”

Running her crafting business, freelancing, and working for InkSoft, Aly realizes how precious time is to our customers. She pledges always to assist our customers promptly, find answers to questions that might be impossible to answer, and always come into work with a can-do attitude! Aly will be a great asset to our team, and we cannot wait for you to chat with her in the future!

Welcome to the team, Aly! Having someone like you join the Success Squad is a great accomplishment! Let’s put those designing and entrepreneur skills to the test and help our customers become successful!