Bottom Line Up Front: With a storied background in the decorated apparel world, and an interest in learning new things, Nate is a welcome addition to our team.

At InkSoft, we believe that we’re only as strong as our team. That’s why when we meet individuals with exceptional talent and a knack for connecting with the merch community, we do everything we can to bring them aboard.

That’s why we’re excited about the latest addition to our team, Nate Oskar! Nate’s joined us as an Account Executive, and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store. Being in the decorated apparel business is just the tip of the iceberg for Nate’s extensive experience.

“I have always been in sales and marketing,” says Nate, joking that for the decorated apparel industry, getting into the sales and marketing game was “an early mid-life crisis.”

Nate labels himself as a media nerd and has always loved messaging on printed goods, T-shirts being his favorite medium. Since his early days, Nate has worked in several areas of the print industry and continues to find new ways to learn and grow.

“I am an info-sponge,” says Nate. “I still attend the University of YouTube and love learning new things, and it supports my multipotentialite personality.”

Early Days

Nate attended the Art Institute of Seattle and Bellevue Community College. True to his “info-sponge” personality, he studied several areas, including Audio Recording, Music Business, and Political Science. In 2017, Nate and his wife started a clothing line called AZAF. They opened up a boutique called Bueno Marketplace and Print Shop, where they sold their products. That experience, Nate says, expanded the types of products he printed and grew his book of clients.

“With the boutique, we learned that we were not just going to be printing our own line,” he says. “We started getting lots of requests from the community to do commercial printing (B2B, schools, etc.).

Eventually, Nate and his wife sold the boutique. Today, they still do some printing for the occasional customer.

“I like to think about it this way: I can print thousands of items, or I can empower thousands of people to print millions… I choose both.”, Nate says.

Since those early ventures, Nate has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s worked on the sales team at screen-printing company Ryonet and, more recently, as a business development specialist at direct-to-garment technology innovators, Polyprint USA.

Current Times

Nate says he likes to spend time with his family and explore things like food trucks and maker’s markets in his free time. His curiosity from those early days also still keeps him on the hunt for new things to work on and learn.

“It’s known in my house that if I have idle time, I might break something so I can fix it,” Nate jokes.

Now that he’s joined InkSoft, Nate says he wants to help more businesses achieve and grow.

“I try to be the guy I wished I had when I was trying to figure it all out,” he says, explaining that printing is still a huge passion for him. “My favorite is when I get to help an artist monetize their work. I am working on getting a vinyl printer because stickers are my other favorite, second only to shirts.”

Looking back on his storied career, Nate says remaining open to opportunity has been a large part of what’s kept him on track.

“I am very grateful to have this opportunity,” he says. “I have always appreciated the value of IP and am pumped to be able to learn from and work with such a talented team.”

Welcome to the team, Nate! We’re excited to have you too!