Everyone these days is looking for meaningful memorabilia to show off what makes their town/state special. Whether for gifts to out-of-towners or simply to wear personally to represent, local merch is hot on everyone’s list.

Check out this article about searching for the best local merch in Wichita this past holiday season.

Many times, it’s a frantic search to find just the right piece of community merch that has style, quality, and the right amount of swagger to it. Gone are the days of simply stumbling upon great gear in a drug store or airport. It needs to be much more accessible.

Here’s where you can come in to save the day! What if you became the expert on printing local merchandise? This could bring you a ton of recurring business that will never go out of style. What a great way to #sellmoremerch!

Here’s a simple idea to get you started:

Use an InkSoft Store to create a curated place for all of the local brands to sell their stuff. Imagine creating a [yourtown]gear.com website where someone could go to find the perfect gift.

Now, you just need to fill it with great products. You could pitch local businesses and allow them to sell their favorite t-shirt or other item on this new, all-in-one ecommerce site. You could promote locally-themed shirts and other merch from the local brewery, a local landmark, local artists, local schools, local small businesses, and more. Everything on the site would have the local flair people are looking for, without them having to search all over town.

Businesses would jump at the chance for extra exposure/merch sales, and you would be able to provide the printing/order management. Win-win! And everyone works together to link to the site and send traffic. Your site will soon be top of the list in search results/visitors.

Not only would you be networking with local businesses who could give you lots of print work, you become visible in the community as THE provider for all locally printed merch. That goes a long way in getting good marketing results!

We’d love to see your ideas in action. What’s a store you could create today that would bring the community together and increase your sales?

And if you would like to get started with InkSoft to unlock the power of online stores for your print business, give us a call at 800-410-3048 or simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.