Before Shane Snodgrass and Kevin Oakley founded their business, they were touring in a band.

It was through touring that the principles they knew their screen printing company Stoked On Printing needed to have were cemented ““ creativity, sustainability, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries.

But before they had Stoked On Printing, they had frustration at what the decorated apparel market looked like. For musicians, branded merchandise is everything ““ it’s advertising, it’s community-building, and it’s recognition of the dream they’re chasing. So instead of waiting to find the supplier that would impress them, Shane and Kevin decided to become it themselves.

Shane put everything into learning the craft of screen printing.

Tucked away in his parents’ house, using DIY exposure and wash-out systems, he trialed-and-errored his way to mastery. By the time Kevin was back home from his voyages, they’d decided to take the next step.

Enter a 1400-square-foot studio, automatic systems, and larger-scale production.

Their vision became a business model. They hired staff, worked with promotional product distributors, and grew fast enough to launch them into a new phase ““ with a larger facility.

A few years later, Shane and Kevin moved their company once again. This time, it was into a 15,000-square-foot facility, home to cutting-edge machinery and 50 employees.

A long way from mom’s house.

When the idea for Stoked On Printing began, it was little more than a seed ““ fueled by a simple desire to revolutionize the current market. Day after day of hard work and unrequited trials would’ve deterred most people.

But not Shane and Kevin.

To them, there was something about the potential for creative innovation that they couldn’t turn away from. They knew what it was like to be the client ““ what it was like to be frustrated with the same old. So they vowed to offer something else.

Today, just as they were when they first started, Shane and Kevin are committed to approaching business differently. 

But it’s not just about the new, cutting-edge techniques ““ it’s about the chance to show their customers something they’ve never seen before.

It’s about the excitement.

Creative innovation, meet ecological consciousness

Shane and Kevin started to see the increasing importance of going 100% paperless as their business grew.

“The glaring issue with paper is that it is a static media,” Shane explained during a 2019 interview.

For a company that prides itself on its technology, it couldn’t justify the inefficiency of having to reprint ideas and designs hundreds of times throughout a product’s life cycle ““ simply because there was a change or two each time.

So Stoked On Printing invested in technology ““ setting up computers and monitors at every station in the facility ““ in order to make the process, from inception to completion, seamless.

It’s a way to use creative process and advanced technology to push the boundaries. And it’s a way to keep everyone excited about the products that result.