InkSoft Integrating with Augusta Sportswear, Holloway, and High Five

We’re excited to announce that the InkSoft platform now has live product integrations with Augusta Sportswear, Holloway, and High Five. These catalogs are available in InkSoft for easy ordering and product creation, and they come with standard print regions for use in the InkSoft Design Studio.

The three brands, owned by the Augusta Sportswear Group (ASG), together offer an incredible range of athletic attire. Augusta Sportswear is focused on youth sportswear, while Holloway focuses more on athletic outerwear. The High Five brand focuses on sportswear for soccer and volleyball teams. ASG has recently consolidated the three divisions to give customers an easier ordering experience, and we’re excited to make their products available to InkSoft users!

Not sure how to import a new supplier catalog for your InkSoft store? Check out our Knowledge Base article here.