Heard of the Here for Good movement yet? It’s the brilliant brainchild of Sloan Coleman, “Monster Marketer” at St. Louis-based screen-printing shop Tiny Little Monster.

T-Shirt Fundraising Online Stores for Screen Printing Businesses

Here for Good fundraising Stores are popping up all across the decorated-apparel industry, as screen printers imprint T-shirts with local businesses’ logos: Half the proceeds go to support the local business and the other half helps keep the printer afloat.

Coleman launched Tiny Little Monster’s Here for Good store, effectively springboarding a grassroots movement to do good in our communities during the COVID-19 outbreak. We talk to Sloan about the most surprising things she’s learned from jump-starting this do-good movement””and how other shop owners can gain the most traction from this fundraising opportunity. Ultimately, it’s still going to be smaller decorators vs. larger e-commerce corporations like Tee Spring and Custom Ink, so Sloan weighs in about what shifts decorators should consider when they look ahead to doing business in the post-coronavirus economy.

We’re hoping that Here for Good truly is a movement, that while rising from a crisis, endures after things settle into a “new normal.”

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