In this new feature announcement, InkSoft adds even more control and flexibility to online store checkout settings. You can now choose whether you want to display an estimated delivery date to customers when selecting shipping options during the checkout process. This setting can be controlled at each unique InkSoft powered online Store.

Video Overview: Display Estimated Delivery Date

See how to use the ‘Display Estimated Delivery Date’ feature

InkSoft automatically calculates the estimated delivery date based on order processing time, production time, and the shipping method minimum and maximum transit times.

The value of providing estimated delivery dates creates awareness and expectations for when the shopper might expect to receive goods.

Why would you not display the estimated delivery date? Covid-19 has created major inventory and supply chain issues for wholesale blank product suppliers. By not establishing a delivery date in the checkout, you gain the flexibility to find alternative products to fulfill custom branded merchandise orders.

At each InkSoft powered online Store, you can access the new display estimated delivery date feature in ‘Checkout Settings.’