We hear it all the time. Most e-commerce experts say the same thing:

In order to be a successful web business you must

Identify your buyers
Get your buyers to your site
Get them to buy

We agree with this traditional wisdom””well, kind of. There are some really big challenges that this strategy can present. We’ve learned that there is a tremendous difference between good strategy and the marketing tools required to make goods things happen. This is where the traditional wisdom falls short.

Lets dissect this further.

Identify your buyer

This is the easiest step. But don’t stop with just defining your buyer. Instead, define today’s buyer and tomorrow’s buyer. You’ve heard the about the value of diversifying right? Any business must always focus on developing new clients. Do it, trust us. Make it easy: Make a simple pledge: “I will develop one new account per month.” We will show you how a web store can be the perfect catalyst to winning new accounts.

Get your buyers to your site

If you aren’t a search engine optimization guru, or you don’t have a massive marketing budget forget about getting web traffic to your site. Stop thinking about getting people to your site””take your site to your clients and prospects. A customized web store is the perfect tool to do this. This creates a real viable reason for people to go to YOU.

Get them to buy

How do you get your clients and prospects to part with their money? One important business lesson we like to share is: Give people a real solution that solves real problems.

Give them something valuable…save them time or money…make something unique. A web store achieves all the above. Think about it? A custom web store is valuable. Most people understand that a custom web site that is highly dynamic isn’t cheap, or easy. Next, a web store saves time and money. It is more convenient, you can do a fundraisers or rebate program with your clients. That’s a big deal. Last, a web store is unique. It’s innovative, relevant and well…its really cool. We also know that once a client or prospect has a good experience they come back for more. What business doesn’t want more clients, spending more money, more often.

Here is our advice:

-Identify a NEW buyer (an organization or event) that could benefit from your services…Do this on a continuous basis
-Attract buyers to YOU
-Solve problems, make life easier for your prospects