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SellMoreMerch Podcast: The most important sales lesson I’ve learned

inksoft sellmoremerch podcast

In this episode of InkSoft’s SellMoreMerch Podcast, I discuss one of the most important sales lessons I’ve learned. I’m sharing this in hopes that you’ll be able to integrate this… read more →

InkSoft together with SendGrid


InkSoft has partnered with the SendGrid, the leading email delivery service provider to deliver all transactional emails sent from InkSoft’s platform. Transactional emails include order confirmations, account creation confirmations, approvals,… read more →

New Feature: Proposals Shareable Link

Proposals Shareable Link

We’ve added a simple way to access shareable links directly to approvals or invoices created in InkSoft Proposals. This allows you to quickly copy a direct link so you can… read more →

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