Episode 008 of InkSoft’s The BIG Idea podcast is now live, and this week is all about Ink.


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Back to what is in store for this week…

Ink Can’t Think

It’s amazing how many people think Ink Can Think. A lot of printers ultimately choose to blame “the ink” because it’s what’s left on the press, it’s the last thing there and the first and easiest thing to blame.


Ray Smith of PolyOne

Often times, however, problems with ink just reflect a problem that exists somewhere else in the chain of events that leads to the actual print.

This week take a journey through all things ink with PolyOne‘s own Ray Smith! Ray, a veteran of the screen-printing industry since 1978, has been involved in shops as an art director, production manager, plant manager, and business owner.

Ray currently specializes in application processes and business development for PolyOne Wilflex.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How your shop can “raise the bar” on print technique
  • About the most popular specialty inks, and how to use them in your shop
  • How mixing colors may seem daunting but can be done in an easy way
  • A way to tackle the “printing on polyester” challenge
  • How to turn ink into a source of competitive advantage

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