Growing a business is never easy, but expanding beyond a small local operation is possible with the right tools. Over the last nine years, Titan Graphics has harnessed the power of InkSoft to streamline its processes and open up new avenues of growth and customer engagement.

Building a reputation

The company gradually carved its niche by offering various decoration methods, from screen printing to laser engraving and embroidery. And while they’re certainly a local business, Titan Graphics serves multiple customers nationwide. 

“We’ve got a lot of corporate and event accounts, which is a nice revenue generator,” says Ron Witters from Titan Graphics. “It’s been a lot of years of dedication, hard work, and taking care of customers at all costs.” 

Focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, and dedication, Titan Graphics grew from its humble beginnings in the Dayton, Ohio area to a nationally-recognized business generating nearly three million dollars with a staff of roughly 24 people.

With his and his colleagues’ backgrounds in the hot market and contract printing, Ron says Titan has earned a name for tackling more challenging print jobs that other shops might not take on. That includes the complexity of artwork, plus multicolor jobs and special effects like glow-in-the-dark ink.

Finding a solution to costly fees

Titan Graphics initially opted for OrderMyGear as a platform for their business, but scalability became challenging as they began to grow.

“We were doing too much business, and the way their pricing structure was set up, it was costing us too much money in fees,” he states. 

When the company discovered they could also move one of their high-profile customers who needed a website to InkSoft, that helped prompt the switch.

“When we discovered that we could move our customer over to InkSoft and handle everything they needed, that also covered the costs on other stores,” Ron says. 

Now, Titan Graphics can bring more customer stores online faster and handle more business without paying extra fees. At most times, the company runs 15-20 customer stores simultaneously. 

Better online ordering 

In addition to detailed artwork that other shops might want to avoid taking on, Titan also provides customers with convenience, especially with InkSoft Stores.

“The biggest thing I see with InkSoft Stores is that it’s easier for clubs and other organizations to make money,” says Ron. “We can just collect the money as orders come in and not worry about confusion over garment sizes or other issues with paper order forms. Our customers appreciate that we can take that burden of collecting the order money off them.” 

The online stores have also helped Titan Graphics secure sales for timely events. The business initially worked with a local soccer league, setting up an online store for post-event merchandise, and now that it’s been successful, they’re also building presale stores.

“With InkSoft Stores, we can build what they need in advance and switch it live when they’re ready,” Ron states. “Customers can order before the event, and we pull and pack the orders, and that’s worked out well.”

That convenience has trickled into other areas, helping solidify Titan Graphics as the primary choice for all types of B2B clients in the region. The workflow has simplified matters for B2B corporate stores, where the shop handles all the logistics of building, picking, packing, and shipping the orders. 

“At this point, I think it’d almost be harder for those corporate customers to go elsewhere because we offer so many services and take a lot off their plate,” Ron adds.  

The shop also uses the Online Designer, predominantly for direct-to-garment services. They’ve also seen orders roll in through that channel. Customers typically prepay for those DTG jobs, and it’s a successful tool for bringing in more business. 

Moving ahead 

With the competitive edge of online stores and intricate artwork skills, Titan Graphics maintains a busy flow of customers and churns out orders weekly. Ron says the company plans to continue strengthening its reputation for excellence and finding new ways to streamline processes and expand services.

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