We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience at InkSoft, and part of that experience includes improving security safeguards. Ensuring we’re up-to-date and following modern protocols means your and customers’ information is safely stored in your account. 

Why are we making changes? 

We currently use Address Verification Services (AVS) as an opt-out basis to mitigate fraud. AVS is a helpful tool, but it has disadvantages as well. In some cases, an AVS error can result in declining legitimate customer transactions. 

This creates extra headaches for you and your customers, especially if it’s a new client placing an order with you for the first time. 

Here’s an example of how that error would look: 

A customer moves and forgets to update their address with their bank. When they provide their new information as their billing address on checkout, their issuing bank returns a value of “no match.” The customer’s transaction is declined, holding up the ordering process and creating frustration for both parties. 

How are we improving this issue?  

We’re implementing new security enhancements that use industry-leading AI tools, which we have been vetting behind the scenes for months. This improved functionality is smarter at identifying and preventing fraud and distinguishing harmful activity from legitimate customer transactions. In short, this new functionality cuts down on declined legitimate transactions because of address verification mis-keys. 

What does this mean for AVS?
We are moving AVS to an opt-in security feature vs. opt-out. Customers who still want AVS can opt-in by requesting that this be enabled on their account(s) by emailing support@InkSoft.com. Enabling AVS is a complimentary service provided at no additional cost.