Expanding Solutions for Branded Merchandise Businesses

[October 17, 2023] – Inktavo, a leading provider of software solutions for branded merchandise businesses, is proud to announce its acquisition of SignTracker, a comprehensive management software platform for sign shops.

The strategic acquisition of SignTracker is a significant milestone for Inktavo as it expands its suite of solutions, catering specifically to the needs of the sign industry. By integrating SignTracker’s robust capabilities into Inktavo’s portfolio, customers can now benefit from a comprehensive, end-to-end platform that streamlines operations and accelerates business growth.

With SignTracker, businesses gain access to a powerful management tool that centralizes all aspects of sign shop operations. From project tracking to job costing, estimating to invoicing, and customer relationship management to analytics, SignTracker provides a holistic solution that simplifies workflow, increases efficiency, and boosts productivity.

As part of the acquisition, Inktavo will focus on enhancing SignTracker’s features and functionalities, leveraging its expertise in software development and design. This collaboration will enable Inktavo to drive innovation and continually improve the user experience for sign shop owners and operators.

“Inktavo is excited to welcome SignTracker into our family of solutions,” said James Armijo, CEO of Inktavo. “We recognize the value that SignTracker brings to the sign industry. Our vision is to enable branded merchandise businesses to sell and produce a broad range of apparel, promotional products, and signage.  SignTracker will be the cornerstone of our ability to support signage production, complementing InkSoft’s robust signage e-commerce capabilities.

Inktavo is committed to providing a seamless transition for existing SignTracker customers. Moreover, Inktavo will continue to invest in research and development to introduce new features and product updates that align with the evolving needs of the sign industry.

“We are pleased to be joining forces with the Inktavo team,” said Joe Arenella, co-founder of SignTracker. “This new partnership will provide sign shop owners with even more support resources while maintaining our commitment to customer care.”

As the industry-leading provider of solutions for branded merchandise businesses, Inktavo’s acquisition of SignTracker reinforces its commitment to enabling efficient operations and sustainable growth in the sign industry.

For more information about Inktavo and its integrated business solutions, visit www.inktavo.com. To learn more about SignTracker, visit www.sign-tracker.com.

Kendall Sours

Email: info@inktavo.com

About Inktavo:
Inktavo offers a suite of software solutions that help branded merchandise businesses streamline operations and drive growth. For more information, visit www.inktavo.com.

About SignTracker:
SignTracker is a comprehensive management software for sign shops, offering a centralized solution for project tracking, team tasks, job quoting, customer contracts, customer relationship management, and analytics. By simplifying and automating key processes, SignTracker helps sign shop owners and operators improve efficiency and boost productivity. For more information, visit www.sign-tracker.com.