Ever wondered what some of the core benefits of using InkSoft are? If you haven’t started using the platform yet, let’s talk about some of the ways it improves your business. We’ve put together some key benefits below on how InkSoft can help you grow your business, manage your front office, and maintain your back office.

Bottom Line Up Front: InkSoft comes loaded with tools for your shop so you can grow your business, wow your customers, manage your front and back offices, and sell more merchandise faster.

Tools to Grow Your Business and Serve Your Customers:

  • Online Stores
    • Selling online is a must in today’s market. But not everyone has time to build a website, and your clients need solutions for selling to their customers too. You can use InkSoft’s Online Stores as your shop’s website or an easy solution for group commerce. That means:
      • You can be online and sell faster. And you can use your own URL.
      • End customers can set up custom online stores for sports, spirit wear, and fundraising programs.
  • Sales Presentations
    • Your customers want quick solutions when it comes to printed merch. But building sales proposals can be timely if you’re not equipped to build them. InkSoft’s Sales Presentations let you present online for your clients and:
      • Easily create mockups for new and existing customers.
      • Add your services to the invoice.
      • Send the mockups over email for fast approval from customers.

Tools to Manage Your Front-Office:

  • Quotes:
    • InkSoft lets you drum up Quotes for potential clients so you can determine pricing on orders. It’s a faster way to estimate pricing so you can get to work.
      • Save yourself time and make it easier for new clients to get in touch with you. You can use the “Request a Quote” feature so leads can contact you online with potential jobs.
  • Invoices
    • Paperwork can get disorganized fast in a busy shop. And one lost invoice can mean a very unhappy customer. InkSoft’s Invoicing Dashboard keeps all your invoices organized and easy to find, plus:
      • Ability to filter results to find invoices quicker.
      • Gives you multiple payment options to collect on finished orders.
  • Art Approvals
    • To keep up with all the big print houses, you need a faster way to push art approvals through so your customers don’t go elsewhere. Save time with online Art Approvals. They let you:
      • Create Art Approvals directly from your website and send them to your customers via email.
      • Filter Art Approvals to find new, sent, approved, and deleted jobs so you can find things quicker.
  • Online Designer
    • Personalization is the name of the game in today’s market, with everything from lifestyle brands to school teams and clubs. But they need an easy way to sell online. Customers can design and sell personalized merch with InkSoft. You can:
      • Print the products for their customers’ orders, making it a win-win for both parties.
      • Get rid of complicated ordering processes usually found with custom merch stores.

Tools to Manage Your Back-Office:

  • Order Manager
    • With labor shortages and shipping delays, you can’t afford to lose track of your order status. Keep track of all your orders with InkSoft’s Order Manager:
      • Sort orders by “ready to ship” and “ready to pick up” for easy organizing.
      • Filter orders by “Open,” “Completed,” and “canceled” so you can find which jobs need to be completed ASAP.
  • Customer Manager (CRM)
    • If you don’t keep track of your customers, that’s money left on the table when it comes to repeat jobs. Keep your customer list updated with InkSoft’s CRM:
      • It’s mobile responsive, so your sales team can add customers on the go.
      • You can sort customers by the company to find a group of people faster.
      • Filter your customers by company, custom tags, store, and imported lists.
  • Purchasing & Receiving Manager
    • Logistics aren’t the most exciting part of business, but you need to stay on top of them to avoid losing money. Master your purchasing and receiving with:
      • Easily configurable shipping rates for your customer orders.
      • Skip the extra step of having to source shipping labels by ordering them directly inside the platform.
      • Notify your customers quickly with a system that sends them a shipping notification as soon as the order’s completed.
  • Production & Job Manager
    • Keeping your team connected is essential. It helps ensure there aren’t costly mistakes that cause misprints or shorted orders. Plus, an efficient communication system at your shop makes all departments feel valued.
    • Make your team more efficient using:
      • The Job Board to keep track of open and completed jobs.
      • Filters to drill down info like workflow stage and due dates.
      • Job notes to communicate across shop departments.

Want to learn more about how InkSoft can set you and your shop up for success? Click here to book a quick virtual tour, and we’ll tell you all about it.

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