Since InkSoft and Printavo joined forces under the Inktavo umbrella, our goal has been simple: provide an industry-leading, end-to-end solution that helps print shops grow, stay organized, and scale.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share what we’ve been working on: an integration between InkSoft and Printavo, where users get a powerhouse combo in online store creation and shop management, all in a streamlined setup.

With this major development, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage shopping and fulfillment workflows with the best tools from both platforms. Master e-commerce and customer stores with InkSoft Stores and level up your order and production flow with Printavo Production Management.

We will launch in the first half of 2024, but check out this sneak peek into the tools and improvements with our exciting integration:

Please note: development work on integration is still in progress, and we will share more updates when we are closer to a finished product. Some elements demonstrated here may change before we finalize the integration. 

Connect InkSoft and Printavo Seamlessly

Configuring the connection between your InkSoft and Printavo account will be a seamless process that requires your Printavo credentials. Once set up, you can choose which InkSoft Stores you want to share with Printavo for production management.

Any new orders that arrive in your InkSoft store, be it through Store sales, the InkSoft designer, or proposals, will automatically be shared with Printavo. You can quickly identify shared orders with a “P” icon in the InkSoft Order Manager.

Access InkSoft Stores Directly in Printavo

With the integrated platform, you’ll find a section in Printavo called “Storefronts,” featuring a list of all your shared InkSoft Stores. After you select a store, you can view the orders and their statuses, including in production, ready to ship, or already fulfilled.

View Store and Order Information in Both Platforms

In addition to the ease of toggling between orders and store details, you’ll now be able to cross-reference information between both platforms. You can quickly jump back to the InkSoft order manager or view a specific order in InkSoft directly from Printavo. That way, you can continue using either platform however you like and still get the power of both products in one. 

Add InkSoft Store Orders to a Printavo Invoice

In Printavo, you can select orders to produce together and add them to an invoice. You can select all orders or specific ones, grouping them based on your production needs. The integration simplifies the process by creating default tags and dates, saving you valuable time.

Printavo also simplifies your work by combining those printed products and graphics into line items. Each row showcases a mockup of the item and design, making it easier for you to track and manage your orders.

Assigning Invoices to Tasks

Printavo’s calendar and Power Scheduler features are available to assign tasks and schedule imprints. The integration ensures that orders progress smoothly on both platforms.

Marking Fulfilled Invoices

When the imprints for an invoice are fulfilled, you can mark it as “ready to ship” or “ready to pick up” in InkSoft. This action automatically updates the invoice and related InkSoft orders, speeding up the fulfillment process.

Completing Order Fulfillment

InkSoft takes over the final steps of order fulfillment, handling shipping labels and pickup notifications. This connection improves the link between your team members in charge of shipping and those running the production floor. 

Stay in the Know: Launching in Early 2024

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It’s a match made in print heaven. We’re dedicated to building features that make your print shop operations more straightforward, efficient, and profitable! 

By the way, you don’t need to wait for this implementation to see the power of InkSoft and Printavo together. Check out how our very own Matt Marcotte uses InkSoft, Printavo, and GraphicsFlow at his print shop to cover all his operations:

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