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Why Do You Wear 6 Hats? Understanding the Value of Time


Time. There is only so much of it. In the daily struggle to get everything handled, how you manage your time is incredibly important. Here is a question for you: why… read more →

Sales vs Production – Solving the Shop Tug of War


In your shop is there a “Sales vs Production” battle going on constantly? This is a common occurrence. You’ve heard these arguments: “Nothing happens until the sale is made.” “Without… read more →

Formalizing Your Sales Process: The Key to Growth

Formalizing the Sales Process: Your Key to Growth

“How do you formalize your sales process?” This was a question on one of the decorated apparel Facebook groups recently. Bingo! What a great topic for a blog article. I’m… read more →

Blame Game Vision: Why Pointing Fingers Won’t Work

Blame Game Vision: Why Pointing Fingers Won't Work

Does your company participate in a daily “blame game”? You know, where the expected outcome didn’t happen for some reason and the crooked finger of discontent points to someone as… read more →

Under the Big Top: Production Leadership Circus

Under the Big Top: Production Leadership Circus

Let’s talk about Production Leadership for a bit. For this article, I’m going to use the metaphor of running a circus for the daily production grind in your shop. Mainly… read more →

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