Bottom Line Up Front: When we were looking for a new Marketing Manager, we knew we wanted someone who blew us away. Zach Silverman hit the mark. From his adventure-seeking to his love of innovation, we were impressed the whole way — and you will be too.

You probably have us figured out by now, but anytime we get the opportunity to show off the people that make InkSoft so productive, so innovative, and so special  — we jump.

Whether it’s to applaud the hard work of a team member that’s been with us for years or whether it’s to introduce you to one of the new talents we’re lucky enough to get our hands-on, we’re about giving you the inside look. Always. So that you can get to know — and see — the individuals that help us make InkSoft what it is, day after day.

There are countless software companies across the country. There are countless brands that pride themselves on innovation, on forward-thinking, and on industry dexterity. But — and this is a big but — there’s only one InkSoft.

We do innovation, forward-thinking, and industry dexterity differently, because for us — it’s all about you. Our customers. Our community. And the support we’re able to provide, the updates that we’re able to build and execute on based on your needs, they’re only possible because of the people standing behind us.

The innovators. The forward thinkers. The industry experts.

So, with that said, let’s go ahead and introduce one of our people. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our newest marketing wiz, Zach Silverman!

Zach Silverman

He’s traveled the world without hesitation. He’s moved from state to state, never shying away from adventure. And he’s seen his own ideas through — regardless of the risk involved. If this deep-dive into Zach’s accomplishments shows you anything, it’ll be how passion and determination, when grounded in an open mind, can’t help but lead to stellar results.

The adventure started in Boulder, CO, where Zach earned his degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, he got his hands dirty with a wide range of different entities in the local and state political spheres, aiming to try out as much as he could. That’s when he landed at Education Funding Partners, a start-up that worked to increase revenue for school districts by integrating corporate marketing campaigns.

The team moved virtual in 2015, allowing Zach to check off his ‘Move to Austin, Texas’ box — and giving him the thrill of a change of scenery. In Austin, he stumbled upon the opportunity to lead Birthright Israel, which is a free ten-day trip to Israel, for the Jewish student population at the University of Texas at Austin. In other words: his box for adventure was checked again.

Around that time in Austin, Zach was noticing how social media algorithms were really affecting — and not in a good way — the visibility of content creators. Their content wasn’t getting seen by their audience, and that was, for Zach personally and professionally, problematic. So, he built a start-up to fix it.

He founded Deshyo, a content distribution platform designed to increase the exposure — and engagement — content creators have with their audience. He moved to Los Angeles (with his now fiancé) to develop it full-time, but after exhausting every possibility and not seeing the subsequent success, Zach knew he had to part ways with his innovation. With his head held high, he took on the job of a Fundraiser for the Los Angeles Jewish Federation.

A short while ago, Zach and his fiancé — who has two master’s degrees of her own — moved to the Phoenix area for her new job. Zach was quick to find a position with Newchip Accelerator, but a handful of months in, it wasn’t giving him the substance he knew he needed.

And that’s when InkSoft met Zach.

Our new Marketing Manager, Zach blew us away with his adventure-seeking demeanor, his commitment to creative problem solving, and his passion for helping brands get their content to the right audience — every time. He’s smart, he’s experienced, and he doesn’t shy away from a challenge; we’re more than a little excited to have him on the team, and we know you’ll see the results of his craft at work soon enough.

Zach’s focus in the coming months will be on engaging with you — our favorite customers — and also on engaging with those who haven’t yet been introduced to InkSoft. Our community’s getting bigger by the day, but — as we’re sure you can tell by now — our mantra’s always been the more, the merrier.

The more businesses we can help innovate, the merrier our industry’s consumers will be.

The more teams we can help expedite their processes, the merrier our industry’s businesses will be.

Zach embodies that mantra, and he can’t wait to leave his mark on helping our community achieve more growth, more strength, and more results.

In his free time, Zach can’t wait to — surprise surprise — get out and explore all of the adventures Arizona has to offer. From snowboarding to golf to hiking, he’s poised and ready to take it all in. But he made sure to tell us that he wouldn’t scowl at the prospect of cooking a meal and watching some Netflix with his fiancé, either. When it comes to his hobbies, Zach’s as well-rounded as they come.

We asked Zach to share something he’s excited about regarding joining the team, and here’s what he gave us: “The beauty of marketing is that, every day, you get to tell a company’s story — in a way that speaks to the very hearts of its audience. I can’t wait to connect with InkSoft’s customers. To let them know that we understand their problems on the deepest level, and that, fundamentally, we’re only here to help them solve them.”

Goosebumps! See — now you get why we’re so excited to have Zach on-board.